New Germany Frigate F125 Class

The New Frigate Class 125 for the German NavyThe combat system of the F125 provides extremely short reaction times against asymmetric threats. A new infrared sensor camera system allows 360° surveillance. The effector system with ten guns (12,7mm–155mm) allows quick, automated engagements. Surveillance and engagement zones begin a few meter from the ship. Non-lethal weapons, such as water cannons and search lights, can also be deployed. Additionally, the F125 supports up to 50 special forces including equipment. The special forces can be transported with two helicopters or four armed boats. The F125 is designed to fulfil maritime stabilisation operations.
The F125 is equipped with a new electrical propulsion system (CODLAG) and can be deployed world-wide for up to two years. It can be operated up to 5000 hours per year even under tropical conditions. On each frigate, two crews (only 105–120 persons) will work in shifts, changing every four months.

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