NC-212 MPA

High Wing, Short Take Off and Landing
Multi Purpose aircraft with rear cargo and ramp door
- Simple to operate
- efficient and low fuel consumption
- quick change capability
- quick turn around time
- able to be operated on unprepared runway
Take-off Distance (all engines): 850 m (2,788 ft)
Landing Distance: 590 m (1,936 ft)
Maximum Cruising Speed: 188 KTAS
Long Range Cruise: 180 KTAS
Maximum Endurance Speed: 130 KTAS
Range with max. Fuel: 790 nm (1,463 km)
Range with max. Payload: 130 nm (240 km)
Two Garret Airsearch TPE-331-10R-512C
Turboprop engines with:
- Maximum Take off 900 SHP
- Maximum Continuous 900 SHP
- Maximum Power Reserve 925 SHP
Two four-bladed Dowty Rotol type, constant speed propeller R334/4-82-F/13 with:
- 1,591 rpm
- 2.75 (110 inch) in diameter
Max Taxi Weight: 7,750 kg (16,687 lb)
Max Take Off Weight: 7,700 KG (16,579 lb)
Max Landing Weight: 7,450 kg (16,424 lb)
Max Zero Fuel Weight: 7,100 kg (15,532 lb)
Fuel Capacity: 1,600 kg (3,527 lb)

Manufacture: PT. IPTN Indonesia
Users: Navy Indonesia (3 units)
Photos: Rudi H. Sukarsa

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