Danes Buy Lasso Anti-RPG Mesh

Ferbruary 17, 2009 -- An armor system that resembles a garden wire fence is to be used by Danish forces to protect their M113 armored personnel carriers in Afghanistan from rocket-propelled grenades.

This is the first order for RUAG's Lasso, which went on sale in September.

A spokesman for the Swiss company said the mesh of 4mm thick, deformation-resistant special steel weighs less than half as much as conventional solutions like slat/bar armor. The basic mesh is supplied by Switzerland's Geobrugg, a company better known for stopping avalanches and rock falls with its protection nets.

"The aim of the mesh is to hinder the ignition of the RPG before it impacts the vehicle to the extent that it no longer poses a threat," said the statement.

RUAG said the system also offers better protection than slat/bar armor and little affects a crew's field of vision.

The spokesman said several other potential deals are also in the pipeline.

Many militaries operating in Iraq and Afghanistan have added armor to vehicles against RPGs and roadside bombs, but the extra weight has reduced maneuverability, increased fuel consumption and cut the payload. (defensenews.com)

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