Iran Received Two Mi-171 Helicopters

February 5, 2009 Ulan-Ude -- Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant today confirmed that the company has delivered two Mi-171 helicopters in its civil configuration to Iran.

The delivery has been done accordingly to a contract signed in the end of 2007, a company spokesman said on Monday.

The helicopters will be operated by Red Crescent Society - nongovernmental organization, the main activity of which is carrying out of humanitarian missions. The Society has its own aviation department and successful experience in operation of Russian helicopters.

The helicopters will be used for civil missions, particularly, for carrying out of search and rescue missions and transportation of people injured in natural calamities. As per the contract totally five Mi-171 helicopters are planned for delivery. Delivery to the customer of the second batch of the Mi-171 helicopters in quantity of 3 pieces is planned for the end of February - beginning of March of this year. (

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