Sri Lanka Navy Destroys Two LTTE Boats

February 8, 2009, Sri Lanka Navy destroyed two low profile LTTE boats in the Northern seas 10 Nautical Miles north east of Mulathivu today, 08 February, around 3.00 AM.

Sri Lanka Navy's Fast Attack Craft deployed in the inner barrier in the surveillance and patrolling in the North - eastern seas, intercepted two low profile LTTE boats launched from Palamaththalan, Mullattivu and destroyed them completely directing heavy gun fire.

Subsequently, two bodies of LTTE cadres were recovered and 06 other LTTE cadres believed to be killed due to the attack.

Sri Lanka Navy maintains continuous naval surveillance and patrolling in the North - eastern seas Naval fortifications have been tightened with four (04) defence barriers consisting of Fast Attack Craft (FACs), Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPVs), Gun Boats, the Rapid action boat squadron (RABS) and the Special Boat Squadron (SBS) to cut off the escape of LTTE cadres by sea and to prevent the unloading of warlike materials on the North - eastern coast. (

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