India Cruise Missile Test Successful

March 4, 2009, New Delhi -- A new version of India's BrahMos cruise missile was successfully tested Wednesday at a firing range in the Rajasthan desert, officials said.

India's Defense Research and Development Organization indicated that the launch of a new version of the supersonic missile with a 180-mile range was successful after an earlier test firing failed to hit its target, the Press Trust of India reported.

"The Block II BrahMos missile was successfully launched at (10:30 a.m.) this morning," officials told PTI, adding that BrahMos "took two-and-a half-minutes to strike its target in the Pokhran firing range in Rajasthan."

Officials said the test launch was witnessed by Deputy Army Chief (Planning and Systems) Lt. Gen. M.S. Dadwal among others. In a Jan. 20 test of the Indo-Russian joint venture, the missile deviated from its course and failed to hit the target, the news agency said. (upiasia)

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