Eurofighter Firing AMRAAM During Weapon Trials in Spain

April 1, 2009 -- EADS Defence & Security (DS) in Spain has concluded a new live weapon firing campaign dedicated to the Eurofighter armament. Tests with the Getafe-based Instrumented Production aircraft IPA4 have been carried out by the DS Business Unit Military Air Systems (MAS). They were supported by the Spanish Air Force at Moron AFB, where the aircraft has been deployed since January 2008.

The trials have culminated on 31 March with the successful performance of a AMRAAM Guided Firing, a live firing of a medium-range air-to-air missile against an aerial target drone. This live test has seen the collaboration of several aircraft: the BAE Systems-operated Eurofighter IPA5, was tasked to detect the target and to assign it via the MIDS Data Link to the firing aircraft IPA4. In this complex test mission specialists from MAS, BAE Systems, the Spanish engine maker ITP, were involved. The Spanish National Aerospace Technical Institute (INTA) at Arenosillo was operating the target drones. The AMRAAM missile producer Raytheon, the Spanish Air Force, the Navy, and the Eurofighter consortium have also contributed to the success of these trials.

During this campaign, MAS engineering in Spain had performed as well several EGBU-16 jettison trials to support the Stores Release & Jettison clearances for the new smart weapons. This improved operational capability will be introduced in the Eurofighter fleet by 2011 as a result of the Future Batch of Enhancements contract signed with the Eurofighter core nations. The activity again involved specialists from the INTA Arenosillo Weapons Test Range, where the tests took place. Five successful weapon releases have been performed, ensuring the safe weapon integration with the Eurofigher. (Defpro)

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