Iran Offers Joint Production of Military Equipment with Friendly States

April 17, 2009, Tehran -- Commander of the Iranian Army Ground Force General Ahmad Reza Pourdastan announced Tehran's readiness to manufacture defensive tools and equipment in joint cooperation with friendly countries.

Speaking at a gathering of foreign military attaches in Tehran today, General Pourdastan referred to the production of home-made military equipment, including Zolfaqar tanks, Sayyad personnel carrier, different kinds of drones and other modern weapons, and voiced Iran's preparedness to cooperate with friendly countries in this regard.

He pointed to Iran's significant achievements in building new and modern weapons, and said, "Although the region is faced with several crises due to the foreigners' presence, the Islamic Iran is at the zenith of strength."

The General described Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan as countries hit with crises due to the deployment and presence of foreign troops, and cautioned that occupiers may not suffice to their military presence in such countries and would launch attacks on other nations if they don't face resistance.

General Pourdastan noted that Iran would not initiate war with any country, but meantime stressed, "We consider defending our country necessary and the units of the Army's Ground Force as part of the (Islamic Republic) armed forces are always ready (to combat enemies)."

To conclude his remarks, the commander urged the foreign military attaches to convey Iran's message of friendship to their governments, nations and armies.

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