Indonesia to increase personnel in UN peace-keeping missions

May 30, 2009, New York -- Indonesia hoped that the number of the country`s personnel being attached in peace-keeping missions of the United Nations could each 2,000 in 2009.

Indonesia`s target was to have 2,000 personnel in UN peace-keeping missions this year, according to Marty Natalegawa, Indonesian Ambassador to the United Nations (UN) here on Friday.

"It`s an ongoing process. We have reached the target now, around 1,600 personnel," Natalegawa told ANTARA News at the UN Headquarters, after attending a ceremony observing the anniversary of the International Peace Keeper Day on May 29.

Indonesia intended to improve not only the quantity, but also the quality of its personnel joining e UN peace-keeping missions, he said. Besides, Indonesia hoped to provide more contributions in other forms, he added.

Citing an example of a contribution in another form, he said KRI (warship) Diponegoro 365 sent by the Indonesian Navy to Lebanon last March 2009, to join the UNIFIL (United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon), was part of the maritime peace keeping operation.

"So, it`s not only the number, but also other forms of contributions, from officers, warships, female peace-keepers, and police unit. Even there has been a request from the United Nations that we should send medical personnel to peace mission," the ambassador said.

Meanwhile, Commodore I Putu Adnyana, military adviser of the Indonesian Permanent Representative to the UN in New York, said around 1,600 personnel of the Indonesia Defense Force (TNI) and the National Police, are currently joining the UN peace missions in Lebanon, Congo, Nepal, Darfur and Sudan.

In Mid 2007, Indonesia sent only 1,072 personnel who were all from TNI and assigned in Lebanon, Congo and Nepal, he said.

Putu Adnyana said the UN had also invited Indonesia to add personnel in UNIFIL, namely 175 personnel for infantry company and 140 personnel for logistics.

The UN also invited Indonesia to send 140 more police personnel to be assigned in Darfur, he said.


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