DVR (Digital Video Recorder)

DVR (Digital Video Recorder) was made to fulfill modification needs of VCR from combat plane type Hawk 100/200 and F5, as video recorder and audio conversation facility in cockpit room. DVR is more robust than VCR, more economical and more guaranteed for its after sale service.

DVR has abilities to:
1. Video and audio recording on the cockpit room in digital format.
2. Displaying the result of video and audio recording.
3. Displaying warning message before take-off about its media recording storage capacity if it is almost full (less than one hour).
4. Resist against vibration, shock, and G increasing effect (earth gravitation), without mechanical system as data storage.
5. Fully compatible with VCR, Plug and Play, without need of any modification in the cockpit room of Hawk 100/200 and F5 type.
6. Fully computerized, the result of video recording using digital format, easy to be played and copied using windows-based software application.
7. Using electronic device for its storage media with higher capacity better than VCR.
8. Less power, power consumed is less than VCR, fully electronic, without mechanical system.
9. The result of video recording can be played using computer-based software application without need of Player and Demultiplexer hardware.

DVR was designed using digital technology, with fully electronic data storage, more robust against vibration, shock, G increasing (earth grafitation), higher capacity data storage of video recording, fully compatible (plug and play) with Hawk 100/200 and F5 type.

DVR has been implemented in Hawk 100 type property of TNI AU Pontianak and Pekanbaru Base.

This system will be developed furthermore, not only applied for Hawk 100/200 and F5 type, but it also can be applied for several models of aircraft.


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