Choppers EC-725/225 developed from Super Puma

January 28, 2010, Bandung -- Helicopters EC-725 and EC-225 which are the latest products of Eurocopter are developments of chopper S-332, better known as Super Puma.

"Helicopters EC-725 and EC-225 are the development of the NAS-332 or Super Puma. Its development must not change the chopper`s system and load capacity," Vice President of Airframe Eurocopter, Andreas Stoeckle said on the sidelines of the inauguration of the building of the Airframe of choppers EC-725 and EC-225 at the hangar of PTDI in Bandung Wednesday.

PTDI is supplying components of tailboom and fuselage for the latest Eurocopter choppers.

Production by PTDI was started with the production of tailbooms in January 2010,
followed by the production of the fuselage starting in May 2010.

It was scheduled that the first tailboom would have to be handed to Eurocopter in October 2010, and the fuseluge to be handed to PTDI in November 2011.

He said that in the second year or October 2011, PTDI is required to hand over 6 tailbooms, or one in every two months.

Then in the third year, October 2012 will see PTDI handing 10 tailbooms and the next stage, 12 tailbooms will be handed each year, or one unit each month in four years and so on.

The biggest number of developments reached 125 units, which will affect ways of building the helicopters. An airframe, Andreas said, is the main structure of an aircraft, both fixed wing planes and helicopters.

The construction and handing of 125 airframes, tailbooms and fuselages for choppers EC-725/ EC-225, the European international aircraft producer has made PTDI as the main supplier of world class airframes.

"This package is worth more than 50 percent in the manufacture of 4,000 basic parts and 500 sub-assembling work in building the main components," Andreas Stoeckle said.

In the meantime, president director of PTDI Budi Santoso has projected the national aerospace company to become supplier of the main parts and components for world aerospace companies.

He said EC-725 and EC-225 will replace Super Pumas, which hopefully could also be used in Indonesia.

"The last three Super Pumas built by PTDI, for completion in 2010 could also be handed to defense and security authorities which had ordered for the planes," the PTDI boss said.


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