"Ice begins to break up" in Russia-NATO relations

January 24, 2009, Moscow -- The planned informal meeting of ambassadors of NATO member countries and Russia is expected to mark the beginning of restoration of large-scale cooperation activities, Russian permanent representative to the North Atlantic alliance Dmitry Rogozin believes. The meeting is planned for Monday.

On the whole, "ice has begun to break up" in relations between Russia and NATO, Rogozin noted in his interview on Echo of Moscow Radio.

In his words, informal meetings do not differ anyhow from formal, and the meeting will be informal only because there is no fixed agenda. However, it will not prevent constructive discussion of a number of issues, one of which is the difference of the positions of Russia and NATO on the August conflict in the Caucasus.

It must be an analysis of the situation. It is impossible to pretend that noting happened in Russia-NATO relations. There was a serious collision in August -- a collision of two approaches to security ensuring, the Russian representative reminded. The approach "one's own or alien", which is characteristic of NATO in this matter, is not acceptable, he noted.

The informal meeting of ambassadors of NATO countries and Russian representatives will take place in Brussels on January 26. (Itar-Tass)

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