BAE Systems in Talks with Oman Over Jet Deal

BAE Systems is in talks with Oman over a 1.4 billion pound ($2.17bn) deal to sell the Gulf state up to 24 Eurofighter Typhoon fighter jets, the Financial Times newspaper reported on its website on Wednesday.

Oman wants to replace 24 aging Jaguar planes with the more advanced Typhoons within the next four years, the newspaper said, citing unnamed British defence sources.

BAE has been talking directly to the Omani government about the sale without using external advisers, according to the FT.

However, the paper quoted a source close to Britain's defence ministry as saying the talks not lead to a deal. "The Omanis are looking at what capabilities are available in the market, but may decide this is not the right time for them," the source told the newspaper. No one at BAE could immediately be reached for comment. In a statement published by the Financial Times, the company said: "Oman is a customer with whom we have a long and valued relationship। We will continue to support their requirements as and when they arise. Any deal could include lucrative maintenance contracts worth billions of pounds over several years, it said.

By Peter Griffiths, Reuters.


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