Marinized Assault Rifle

With special coating process, making SS1 Marinize weapon hold up to sea water / not easy to rust. Weapon remain to function after drenched in the mud or sand. SS1 Marinize is designed with elegan colour touch. Available in 3 variant, SS1-M1 long barrel with foldable butt, SS1-M2 short barrel with foldable butt, and SS1-M5 Commando.

NSN : -
Calibre: 5.56 x 45 mm
Barrel Length: 449 mm
Overall Length Butt Extended: 997 mm
Overall Length Butt Folded: 766 mm
Weight With Empty Magazine: 4.01 kg
Cyclic Rate of Fire: 720 - 760 rpm
Firing Mode: Single,3-Rounds Burst,Full Auto,Safe
Sight: Mechanical Sight
Max Effective Range: 450 m
Finishing: Gray / Black
Users: Indonesia Marine

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