X38 Patrol Cat

Manufacture Name : P.T.LUNDIN INDUSTRY
Address : JL. S. Parman No 1. Singojuruh, Banyuwangi, Indonesia 68464

The Patrol Cat is a revolutionary stepped-hull high-speed power catamaran design, configured for military, patrol or SAR use. It offers superior sea-keeping, efficiency, speed and safety in all operating conditions. The Patrol Cat is designed to offer multiple mission profile capabilities with speeds of up to 40 knots per hour, using twin outboards. It is ideally suited for rapid response, amphibious deployment of commandos or regular patrol work. Offering significantly less cost and risk than other high value patrol or patrol assets it can provide covert striking power against critical targets, as well as protecting inshore and off-shore resources and assets... It can be equipped with enhanced features for special warfare operations, or used for reconnaissance, surveillance, law enforcement, counter-piracy, medical evacuations and rescue operations. This cutting-edge exclusive design incorporates stealth characteristics to minimise radar detection in hostile operating conditions. The patrol boat will have a crew of 4, and is capable of carrying an additional 10 - 12 fully equipped troops.
The foredeck area has a sunken gun-well, suited for installation of a forward/side facing main gun-point, for M240 7.62 calibre, M-60, 7.62, 12.7 mm or 40mm grenade launchers. Two large deck hatches and a folding ladder ensure fast and direct access forward, for amphibious assaults and beach landings. The cabin accommodates a Captain/Navigator, helmsman, engineer and gunner, while troops are accommodated in restrained transport seats in the hulls. The stern area of the boat has space for 2 side / rear facing light machine guns and an aft deck in the centre suitable for boarding, or for diving and recovery operations.
The X38 Patrol Catamaran, features forward facing windows, which increases the effective cabin space, and reduces glare and heat build-up in the cabin.
With speeds of 40 knots with twin 300 hp outboards, this cutting-edge Swedish design is the result of many years of ongoing research. It has radical longitudinal steps that reduce hull resistance when planning. The boat actually rides on 4 planning surfaces which reduce in size as the boat speed increases and the boat rises higher out of the water. This results in a boat that has a stable, level ride that makes it into a superior arms platform. The catamaran design provides very low draft, enabling beach landings and access to river estuaries and areas with shallow water that normally cannot be reached with conventional craft. The high tunnel clearance minimises wave slapping and the additional drag caused by attached water.
Hand-laid composite GRP (fibreglass), with cored sandwich panels. The hull is made of multi-directional fibre glass layers, with additional strengthened stringers. The balsa and closed-cell high density foam cores increase panel stiffness and reduce the weight usually associated with solid GRP boats. This offers great strength and robustness and maximises hull integrity in the event of a collision. All exterior decks and the gun-well are self-draining.
For simplicity of maintenance and operation the boat is powered by outboard motors, using two motors and counter-rotating propellers (other engine configurations are also available). Stainless steel propellers come as standard with the larger size Suzuki engines.
The steering system is hydraulically operated and the gear shift and throttle controls are genuine parts matching the brand of engine selected. All controls are clearly visible and accessible.

LENGTH: 11,40 m
BEAM: 4,59 m
DRAFT: 0,85 m
DRAFT with engines raised: 0,50 m
DISPLACEMENT: 6.200 kg* (Dry weight with 2 x 300 hp)
FUEL CAPACITY: 1.000 litres
SPEED: 40 Knots*
CAPACITY: 16 - 20 Persons*
* Depending on model and options

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