X2K Interceptor

Manufacture Name: P.T.LUNDIN INDUSTRY
Address : JL. S. Parman No 1. Singojuruh, Banyuwangi, Indonesia 68464
The 11.00 meter X2K Interceptor is an advanced high-speed interceptor / law enforcement patrol boat, configured for rapid deployment and well suited for coastal operations. It is designed to offer multiple mission profile capabilities with speeds of up to 50 knots per hour, using twin outboards. It is ideally suited for both, rapid response or regular patrol work. Offering significantly less cost and risk than other high value patrol or combat assets, the X2K can provide covert striking power against critical targets, as well as protecting off-shore resources and assets.. It can also be equipped with enhanced survivability features for special warfare operations, or used for reconnaissance, surveillance, law enforcement, counter-piracy efforts and search and rescue in sea state 4 conditions. This cutting-edge exclusive design, with a double step ventilated racing hull offers sea-keeping, efficiency, speed and safety in a variety of hostile operating conditions.
The work area of the boat consists of a forward gun-point suited for installation of a 7.62 calibre or M-60 machine gun. Behind this is a command cockpit, where a four man unit can be accommodated in fully restrained racing type seats with stand-up or seated driving positions. The standard crew comprises: a) Commanding Officer. b) Driver. c) Engine-man. d) Gunner. A small two-berth cabin is provided in the forward section for resting and storage. The steering console provides ample space for secure storage of armaments, waterproof clothing, etc.
Another benefit of this design is flexibility in the layout and configuration. If other law enforcement agencies require different equipment, steering, crew or gun placement, this boat can be adapted to suit. If left open, the 2.0 m long forward cockpit has sufficient space to accommodate 2 stretchers.
The X2K is especially designed to fit in a standard 40 foot high-cube cargo container, ensuring fast, easy, safe and cost efficient global and domestic transportation. The container can also serve as a secure and convenient dry storage system for the boat and spare parts. Enabling rapid engine change-over and servicing and virtually eliminating down time.
The hand laid composite hull is of Balsa and Divinicell cored sandwich GRP, with longitudinal underwater steps to reduce friction. It is made of multi-directional fibre glass layers and rovings, with Carbon Fibre strengthening. The balsa core increases panel stiffness and reduces the weight usually associated with solid GRP boats. This offers great strength and robustness and in the event of a collision it is less likely to break the inner laminate. This boat is totally self-draining as the cockpit deck is above the waterline. Sealed foam buoyancy can be fitted below deck to minimise the risk of sinking.
For simplicity of maintenance and operation the boat is powered by twin outboard motors from 150 HP up to 300 HP, with counter-rotation.
The adjustable steering wheel is to the starboard side of the console. Engines Controls are centrally located so the helmsman or throttle-man may operate them. All instruments and controls are clearly visible and accessible. The steering is hydraulically operated using a SeaStar Pro Heavy Duty System.

LENGTH: 11,00 m
BEAM: 2,33 m
DRAFT: 0,40 m
SPEED 2x250 HP: 50 knots*
DISPLACEMENT: 2.550 kg* (Dry - with 2 x 250 Hp)
FUEL CAPACITY: 660 litres
RANGE: 250 Nm
CAPACITY: 8 Persons
* Depending on equipment, engines and options

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