Endurance Class Landing Ship Tank (LST)

The 141m “Endurance” Class Landing Ship Tank (LST) is equipped with state-ofthe-art technology to provide a wide range of support capabilities. Compact, yet versatile, the 141m LST is one of the most sophisticated support vessel to meet the challenges of today’s navies.

As a multi-purpose support ship, the 141m LST can be readily equipped and deployed for the following missions :
• Provide sea transportation for personnel in support of overseas military training and exercises;
eg Naval Midshipman Training cruises and passage exercises with foreign navies.
• As a multi-purpose Logistics Support and Command ship in support for naval operations.
• Search and Rescue operations and Civil Disaster Relief during peace time emergencies.
• Undertaking Humanitarian and Relief missions in support of United Nations peacekeeping efforts.

• Twin screw displacement hull with bulbous bow and bow thruster.
• A well-dock with wide stern door/ramp for embarkation and disembarkation of equipment and personnel.
• State-of-the-art bow door/ramp capable of transloading tracked and wheeled (RoRo) vehicles
of up to MLC 60 onto the tank deck.
• Two 25-tonne deck cranes
• Highly automated and integrated platform and advanced Command and Control System onboard enhance safety and operations efficiency which enable reduced manning for the ship.

• Large flight deck with state-of-the-art Aircraft Ship Integrated Securing and Transversing system.
• Day and night Landing and Take-off operations for 2 x 10-tonne helicopter.

• Sophisticated navigation systems fitted – Gyro; Speed-Log; Echo-Sounder; Differential Global Positioning System.
• Fully Integrated Bridge Console built into cockpit include :
- Dynamic Ship Control System
- Ship Control Monitoring and Management System
- Electronic Chart Display Information System
- Advanced Surveillance Radar
- Navigation Radar

Anti-Surface and Anti-Air Self Defence Systems include :-
• 76mm Oto Melara Super Rapid Naval Gun
• 2 x Mistral Surface-to-Air Missile System
• Gun Fire Control System
• Electro – Optic Director
• 2 x 0.5 inch Machine Gun

• Main Engines : 2 x Diesel Engines
• Generators : 4 x 875 KVA (approx)
• Propellers : 2 x Controller Pitch Propellers

Length Overall : 141 metres
Breadth Moulded : 21 metres
Mean Draft : 5 metres
Speed : in excess of 15 kts
Range : 5000 nm at 15 kts
Displacement : 6000 tonnes (approx)

• Vital areas hardened to withstand certain degree of shock.
• Major shipboard Navigation, Communications and Combat Systems mounted on shock mounts. • Mechanical and Electrical Systems arranged with sufficient redundancies to allow uninterrupted operations during emergencies.

Source: ST Marine

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