The Royal Australian Navy ship, HMAS Maryborough, intercepted a vessel with 44 potential illegal immigrants and three crew off the coast of Western Australia on Saturday. The vessel was first sighted by an Air Force AP-3C Orion aircraft.
Armidale Class Patrol Boat (ACPB) HMAS Maryborough, which shares its namesake with the city of Maryborough, apprehended the vessel as it crossed into Australian waters. HMAS Maryborough is part of the Defence contribution to whole-of-government efforts to protect Australia's offshore maritime areas that is coordinated by Border Protection Command.
Deputy Chief of Navy, Rear Admiral Davyd Thomas, RAN, recognised the role that Armidale Class Patrol Boats played in protecting Australian waters.
“The city of Maryborough, should be incredibly proud of her namesake ship and the crew aboard HMAS Maryborough for her role in this latest interception,” he said.
“ACPBs are Navy’s principal contribution to the nation’s offshore maritime security and play a vital role in protecting Australian waters and borders.”HMAS Maryborough has a range of 3000 nautical miles at 12 knots and a maximum speed of about 25 knots. It is equipped with high-definition navigational radar, high and ultra high frequency communications equipment, gyro compasses and echo sounder. HMAS Maryborough is also fitted with a satellite navigation system that enables the ship's position to be determined with great accuracy.

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