“KT-1(Woong Bee) is the first basic trainer developed solely with domestic technology for the basic flight training of Republic of Korea Air Force (ROKAF) which was completely delivered to ROKAF. KAI also mass-produced KO-1(Forward Airborne Controller) which is an armed version with enhanced avionics based on KT-1 basic trainer. After that, KAI developed
KT-1C, which is Multi-Role aircraft with much more upgraded features such as Light Attack Capability and Full Glass Cockpit, etc., and this aircraft will meet diverse requirements of world’s customers.”
KT-1 was successfully developed in 1988, and received production certification for ROKAF from Ministry of Defense. Finally KAI started series production from 1999 and delivered the first KT-1 to be deployed for ROKAF basic flying training. Currently total OO KT-1 aircraft are in operation as a basic trainer in ROKAF
KO-1 Forward Airborne Controller(FAC) was developed by cooperation of KAI and ADD, which is the armed version with enhanced avionics based on
KT-1 basic trainer. KO-1 can carry external fuel tanks and conventional weapons in the hard points, and is equipped with outstanding avionics system like as mission computer, INS/GPS, Head-Up Display(HUD), and Multi-Function Display(MFD) for perfect mission performance. Moreover, KAI developed overseas market oriented KT-1C, which is an enhanced trainer equipped with the latest avionics and aircraft systems. Like as Full Glass Cockpit of modern fighters, On Board Oxygen Generation System(OBOGS), Anti-G, etc…This is a state of the art multi-role aircraft with the performance of pilot training, armed training and light attack training, and provides Weapon Management System for simulated and real armed training performance.
KAI exported and delivered total 12 units of KT-1 trainer to Indonesian Air Force until today. And ultimately, Turkish Air Force has signed the contract with KAI for 40 units of KT-1 in August 2007.

As the first 100% computer-designed basic trainer, KT-1 has outstanding features of flight and maintenance capability, and has an ease characteristic to be developed as various derivatives for multi-missions performing. KT-1 has outstanding performance characteristics such as Loop, Immelman, Roll, Hard Turn within a minimum of maneuvering space in comparison with any other competitor’s basic trainers. Especially it makes po
ssible to achieve excellent turn and acrobatics maneuvers in a low speed and short take-off and landing distance with stability. In addition, KT-1 is the only training aircraft in the world that shows complete recovery from ‘inverted spin’
Seating its tandem escalated seat allows the rear pilot or instructor to perform the flight training more efficiently and comfortably and give excellent all-round visibility to both crews.
KT-1 Basic Trainer has logical student/instructor pilot cockpit layout that improves learning (Flying Tutoring) environment and provides adaptability to advanced trainers and fighters. KT-1’s latest in escape system technology helps the pilot escaping in case of urgent situation during the flight and even at the ground adopting 0-0 ejection seat with miniature detornating cord(MDC). KT-1 adopted basically the latest communications and avionics systems, Data transfer systems, and Auto Rudder Trim System(ARTS) which eliminates negative training effect and provides student with easy transition to advanced jet training. KT-1’s ARTS is ‘advanced Yaw compensation device’ which helps pilots to maintain constant heading with ease, and provides improved jet-like handling qualities and reduces pilot’s workload. Regarding the ILS, KT-1 provides maximum maintenance and training efficiencies through utilization of the Digital Mock-up derived from the CATIA and the Electronic Manuals.

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