Greg Combet, Parliamentary Secretary for Defence Procurement, today announced that two further milestones have been achieved in the program to upgrade the RAAF’s Hornet fleet.
“The RAAF Hornet fleet is being upgraded under Project Air 5376 Hornet Upgrade Program (HUG). This program is enhancing the capability of the Hornet fleet and providing additional situation awareness to the Hornet crews so they can deal with emerging and future threats,” Mr Combet said.
Mr Combet announced today that the final RAAF Hornet aircraft modified to the Hornet Upgrade (HUG) Phase 2.2 configuration has now been delivered.
“Under HUG Phase 2.2, the Hornet fleet received an upgrade package which included modifications to the radar system, avionics system, electronic warfare suite and the acquisition of a Hornet aircrew training system.”
Mr Combet also announced that the last of 14 RAAF Hornets to have recently undergone the interim electronic warfare upgrade has been successfully delivered under HUG Phase 2.3.
“Under Phase 2.3 of the HUG program, each of the 14 aircraft that received the interim electronic warfare self protection system upgrade are now fitted with the latest Raytheon radar warning device and associated software upgrades.”
“The complex upgrades undertaken as part of HUG Phases 2.2 and 2.3 have been successfully delivered on time and within budget.”
“To install, integrate and test the radar warning receiver and software in less than two years is a reflection of the excellent work currently being conducted by Defence and defence industry personnel,” Mr Combet said.
“The next stage of the HUG 2.3 electronic warfare upgrade is due to commence in May 2009 and will add a new countermeasures dispensing system, new data recorder and a further software upgrade to Hornet aircraft.”

Source: mediacentre@defence.gov.au , Photo: http://www.defenseindustrydaily.com

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