155 people killed in Israel''s wide scale strikes on Gaza

Palestinian medics carry the body of a man killed Saturday in an Israeli air strike in Gaza City. (Mahmud Hams / AFP/Getty Images / December 27, 2008) @Chicago Tribune

GAZA, Dec 27 (KUNA) - Israeli warplanes staged wide scale strikes on Saturday targeting Hamas-occupied buildings and strongholds in Gaza Strip killing at least 155 people and wounding some 200 others, according to medical officials.
Dr. Muawiah Hassanain, in charge of the emergency ward of the Palestinian Health Ministry, said in a statement that many women and children were among the scores of people who were wounded in the multiple air strikes on Gaza city and several of the strip towns.

"Many bloodied corpses of martyrs still lay on ground of of corridors of the hospitals for the morgues have become overloaded with the human bodies," said the doctor, illustrating the extent of the dramatic situation at the hospitals, where victims were hurriedly admitted.

Some of the deadliest strikes was the one that targeted the police headquarters, where the local Hamas-controlled security authority was holding a graduation ceremony for police cadets. Witnesses said the courtyard of the building was littered with disfigured bodies of policemen while survivors scrambled to whisk the alive ones to the nearest hospitals aboard civil cars.

Successive thunderous explosions echoed throughout the city and the strip when the roaring aircraft bombed the Hamas-occupied buildings and strongholds today.


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