F16 A/B Pakistan Airforce

The F-16 was inducted into the PAF in 1983. The initial order was of 40 aircraft (28 F-16As and 12 F-16Bs). The F-16A is a single- seat air combat fighter while the F-16B is a dual-seat combat capable fighter trainer. The F-16 is a true multi-mission aircraft and can carry upto 15,200 lbs of bombs, missiles and rockets. It presently equips No. 9 and No. 11 (OCU) squardons of the PAF.

Pakistan ordered 11 more F-16s in 1988 and 60 F-16C/Ds but in October 1990, Presselar Ammendment was passed that effectively blocked all future deliveries of F-16 aircraft to Pakistan. In March 2005, US agreed to deliver additional F-16s to Pakistan. The no. to be ordered was intially 75. This was changed to 55 and eventually, PAF decided to buy 18 new F-16C/Ds and 26 used F-16A/Bs that are to be delivered by 2008/2009. In December 2005, US delivered 2 F-16As to Pakistan as a token of goodwill. This raised the total number of active F-16s in PAF service to 34.


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