Chamsuri class patrol vessel

PKMs consisting of 'Chamsuri' class ships started becoming localized in the 1970s. The initial types were equipped with 20-mm Vulcan Automatic Cannons in the front and 40-mm Bofors cannons in the back. The types that came after had 2 30-mm Emercen extended cannons at the front and 2 20-mm Vulcan automatic cannons at the back. The latter types were equipped with 40-mm Bofors cannons (cover types) at the front instead of the 30-mm cannons. Optical aiming systems were used for fire control at first, but recently the system has been automated with the introduction of the Fire Control System (FCS).
Appearance and Specifications
Size(m): 37×7×2
Displacement: 148 tons (Full load)
Maximum speed: 37kts
Cruising Range: 600nm / 20kts
Crew: 30 or above
Gunfire: 1x40mm or above OR 1 ~2x20mm or above
Commission: 1978
ROKN (Republic of Korea Navy) approx. 80 in service,
PN (Philipines Navy); BRP Boni Serrano (PG-111), BRP Bienvenido Salting (PG-112), BRP Salvador Abcede (PG-114), BRP Nicolas Mahusay (PG-116), BRP Dionisio Ojeda (PG-117)

BRP Dionisio Ojeda (PG-117)


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