Hanjin Heavey Industries and Construction, selected as the competent bidder for shipbuilding project of 4 next generation patrol vessels from the ROK

PKX I Yunyeongha

Hanjin Heavy Industries and Construction (CEO Bak Gyuwon) (HHIC) announced the selection as the qualified candidate for shipbuilding of next generation patrol vessels for the ROK Navy on the 8th of this month.

The next generation patrol vessel, a part of ocean project of the ROK Navy, is named the Patrol Killer eXperimental (PKX). This project value for 4 vessels is equivalent to 130 billion Won.

For building the patrol vessels with superior arms to Chamsuri, the patrol vessel submerged during the battle on the West Sea, and with high-tech combat system, the ROK Navy has been pursued the shipbuilding project for the PKX since 2002. PKX I is under construction from Aug. 2005 after the basic design in 2002 by HHIC. It was named Yunyeongha and launched in June 2007 after completing the process for about 33 months.

With full load displacement of 570 tons and peak velocity of 40 knots, Yunyeongha adopted the steath technique enhancing the survival ability including mapping and tracking radar. It is evaluated as the high-tech patrol vessel with long range means of attack using electronic appliances, anti-ship guided missile and 76mm guns of warship.

With the first shipbuilding of patrol ship in Korea in 1972, HHIC achieved the largest quantity of shipbuding records including various kinds of patrol vessles, corvettes, landing ships, high-speed landing ships, defense ships, salvage ships, support ships for the ROK Navy and Coast Guard and Dokdo, the large transporter in Korea. Through such experiences, HHIC secures its fame as the best shipbuilder with unique technology for the naval vessels and special vessels.

HHIC won a victory as building 5 of 9 PKXs of the ROK Navy including Yungyeongha. The next PKX will be delivered in 2011.

Appearance and Specifications
Size(m): 63×9×5
Displacement: 570 tons (Full load)
Maximum speed: 40kts+
Cruising Range: 2,000nm / 15kts
Crew: 40 or above
Armament: Ship-to-ship missile,76/40mm gunfire
Commission: After 2007


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