13m Fast Craft Equipment & Personnel

The 4-tonne Fast Craft equipment & personnel (FCEP) is high speed shallow draft landing craft capable of carrying passengers such as a platoon of troops in full battle gear or even a 4 tonnes vehicle. It is designed to be able to beach and retract fully laden on sandy shores.

The hull is constructed entirely in marine grade aluminium alloy and is designed using DNV Rules for Light Craft as guidance. The underwater hull structure includes 3 channels
which include lubrication air to the bottom and minimize drag.

The propulsion package comprises 2x MAN D2866 LXE 40 diesel engines each providing 324 kw at 2200 pm driving 2x Hamilton 362 waterjets.

Shallow Draft

Ability to beach and retract fully laden with 4 tonnes payload from ramps and typical sandy shores.

High Speed
High transit speed and the manoeuvrability of the craft mean fast movement of passengers and cargo/vehicles with minimum turnaround time.

Easy Operation
Simple functional controls coupled with rugged construction means ease of operation and maintenance. It can be operated by only one man if required.
Large Deck Space
The large clear space permits many application possibilities, for example, troops and passenger transport, cargo and lighterage duties,ets.

Principal Particulars
Length Overall: 13.60m
Breadth: 3.66m
Depth: 1.54m
Draft at FP: 0.54M Maximum
Clear Deck Area: 20m2
Clear Width (at ramp entrance): 2.72m

Performance Characteristics
Payload: 4 tonnes
Maximum Speed (fully laden): excess of 25 knots
Range/Endurance: 150nm or 10 hrs of continuous operation at 15 knots
Maximum Deck Loading: 1 tonne/m2

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