Gripen/ South Africa: Technology Transfer Programme Completed

16:00 GMT, December 19, 2008 The very comprehensive Skills and Technology Transfer Programme (STTP) included in the Gripen contract with South Africa has been completed. Technology worth SEK 2.8 billion has been transferred.The Gripen contract with South Africa included an industrial partnership agreement and a part of this was the very comprehensive Skills and Technology Transfer Programme (STTP). The programme began in 1999 and has transferred technology worth SEK 2.8 billion.Saab’s technology transfer programme to South Africa has now been completed and ARMSCOR has approved the result. The technology transfer has taken place in several areas, notably in systems development, airframe design, production, flight testing and logistics."Our task was to transfer technology and expertise to South Africa and South African industry," explains Alf Palm, who has been project manager for STTP from the beginning.The training has taken place at Saab in Linkoping, Sweden, and during the eight year programme no fewer than 50 South African families have lived in Link√∂ping for durations of around two years. The first arrived in November 2000 and the final ones returned home in December 2007.

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