President Indonesia asks TNI to keep abreast of technological progress

Magelang, Central Java (ANTARA News) - President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono asked Indonesia`s National Defense Forces (TNI) to keep abreast of the progress of science and technology."There should be no gap between the TNI and scientific and technological progress, nor between the TNI`s professionalism and other countries` military professionalism," the president said here on Wednesday at a ceremony marking the graduation of military and police cadets at the Military Academy in Magelang.He said police officers must be professional, knowledgeable and skillful in order to be capable of dealing with all sorts of crime, enforcing laws, and protecting the people.Crimes and violations of the law on local, national and global scale were being committed in increasingly advanced ways, he said."Based on what you have learned at the academy, I am sure you will be capable of implementing your tasks successfully. Keep on developing yourselves, and work properly, don`t neglect your tasks and don`t become self-complacent," he said.The TNI and National Police must adapt and respond to world developments smartly and properly in the national interest, he said."Grasp the opportunities existing in the globalization era for the sake of national welfare," he said.He said in the military world, one would always deal with weaponry systems, doctrines, tactics and strategies which were constantly being revolutionized.The service of soldiers and police officers was full of risks and challenges but at the same time honorable and noble, he said.Some 928 successful cadets, consisting of 320 from the army academy, 278 from the police academy, 179 from the naval academy, and 151 from the air force academy, graduated this year.Among those present at the ceremony were First Lady Kristiani Yudhoyono, TNI Chief General Djoko Santoso, National Police Chief General Bambang Hendarso Danuri, and several ministers.The police academy is located in Semarang, the army academy in Magelang, the naval academy in Semarang, and the air force academy in Yogyakarta.

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