Saab takes full responsibility for Swedish jet trainer aircraft

16:19 GMT, December 19, 2008 Saab today signed a long-term contract with the Swedish Defence Material Administration (FMV) regarding an overall commitment to the SK60 (105) air power system.The basic contract is worth approximately SEK 900 million.The contract means that as the main supplier, Saab is responsible for operating, supporting and maintaining all of the Swedish Armed Forces SK60 aircraft. Saab will thus ensure that the system is airworthy and available to the Swedish aircraft squadrons when the Armed Forces require it.The basic agreement is valued at approximately SEK 900 million and runs until the middle of 2017 but with a number of options, including an extended commitment and additional flying hours.A long and close partnership"This lays the foundation for a long and close partnership with the Armed Forces regarding their pilot training, and our already good relationship will strengthen and develop further through this agreement”, says Åke Svensson, Saab CEO. “Increased public-private partnerships are good for both parties and lead to greater efficiency and flexibility for the Armed Forces as well as for Saab."The work of ensuring the availability of aircraft in the approximately 80-strong SK60 fleet will be mainly carried out by Saab in Linköping, Ljungbyhed and Nyköping. The aircraft will be operated by the Armed Forces at F7, F17 and F21 squadrons, and primarily at the Malmen flight training school. Saab will also undertake maintenance at each of these locations. Engine maintenance will be carried out by Williams in USA, however.

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