Skylark I LE UAV selected by the Israeli Ministry of Defense

Haifa, Israel Elbit Systems Ltd. (NASDAQ:ESLT) announced that it was selected by the Israeli Defense Ministry to answer the battalion-level IDF tender, calling for a wide procurement of mini-UAVs for all IDF Ground Forces battalions, including training and logistics support.The procurement potential is evaluated at dozens of million USD, in accordance with IDF's requirements and procurement process.Elbit Systems' Skylark® I LE has been selected by the IDF following an extensive evaluation process, including operational ability to answer the high requirements of the IDF, based on its rich operational experience.The Skylark I LE is based on the accumulated experience acquired by the Skylark® I, in thousands of operational hours performed , in various battlefields, including Israel, Iraq and Afghanistan. Elbit Systems' UAV family has served the IDF in recent years in counter terror missions and took an operational part in Israel's second Lebanon War. The upgraded UAV includes additional unique features, to significantly improve its operational capabilities and offers the IDF a highly advanced UAV.Haim Kellerman, General Manager of Elbit Systems UAV Division said: "We take great pride in being selected by the Ministry of Defense for this important IDF project. This selection attests to the acknowledgement of this UAV's professional maturity and unique capabilities, and strengthens our position as a leading UAV supplier in Israel and worldwide." Kellerman added: "We have witnessed great interest among numerous defense forces in the export model of the Skylark I LE and we expect that many other customers will follow the IDF in its selection of this Elbit Systems UAV."

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