The DGA orders 116 VBCI Armoured Vehicles

16:15 GMT, December 19, 2008 On 5th December 2008, the DGA (French armament procurement agency) issued a purchase order to Nexter for the delivery of 116 infantry combat armoured vehicles (VBCI). This order brings the total number of vehicles ordered to date to 298 VBCIs. The DGA has accepted the first 41 vehicles in accordance with the initial schedule.The VBCI is a fully developed product that meets current operational requirements in terms of projection capability, protection and growth potential. This 8 X 8 off-road armoured vehicle is designed to replace the AMX10P, and will offer armed forces a very significantly uprated performance.In the VCI (infantry combat) version, it can carry 11 soldiers into the combat zone. The VBCI is the right compromise between payload capability and fire power. It has a 25 mm gun and a 7.62 mm MG and weighs around 25 tons in operational configuration. The VBCI has a maximum speed of over 60 mph and will be air-transportable in the future A400M transport aircraft.The VBCI provides a real “life base” for the infantry soldier, offering a very high level of protection, including an NBC protection system. It is equipped with armour that resists medium calibre fire, shell shrapnel and improvised explosive devices (IED), together with a very high degree of protection against mines and an anti-missile infra-red decoy system. This protection will soon be reinforced by active protection (hard kill) against RPG rockets, HE shells and anti-tank missiles.The VBCI exists in a command post version (VPC) and infantry combat version (VCI).


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