Swiss Armed Forces buys 244 DURO and PIRHANA vehicles

16:07 GMT, December 19, 2008 FALLS CHURCH, Va. MOWAG GmbH, a unit of General Dynamics European Land Systems, has been awarded an order valued at$217 million for 244 DURO and PIRHANA vehicles, to be produced in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland. The vehicles will be delivered between 2010 and 2012.The order, awarded by armasuisse, the Swiss defense department's procurement organization, is for 220 DURO IIIP 6x6 wheeled armored personnel vehicles; 12 DURO IIIP 6x6 wheeled vehicles that will be equipped as Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) verification vehicles; and 12 PIRHANA IIIC 8x8 wheeled vehicles that will be equipped as NBC reconnaissance vehicles, with real-time NBC detection capabilities.

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