8 trainer jets handed over to PAF

Karakoram K‑8 (Photo: paf.gov.pk)

January 16, 2009, Islamabad -‑ Eight Karakoram K‑8P basic/advanced jet trainers were handed over to Pakistan Air Force by Peoples Republic of China in a simple but impressive ceremony at one of the PAF Bases here on Friday. Deputy Chief of the Air Staff (Operations) was the Chief Guest on the occasion, who accepted these aircraft on behalf of the Chief of the Air Staff, Pakistan Air Force from the Chinese delegation.

Besides JF‑17 Thunder, K‑8P aircraft jointly developed by Pakistan and China is a sign of Pak‑China Friendship, which has stood the test of time and grown stronger.

K‑8P Aircraft is an advanced jet trainer already being used at PAF Academy Risalpur for Basic and Advance jet aircraft flying training for PAF fighter pilots. K‑8P Aircraft since its induction at PAF Academy Risalpur has not only enhanced the basic jet training of PAF pilots but has also provided a potent platform for their smooth transition to more challenging fourth generation fighter aircraft in PAF inventory.(app.com)

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