Russian nuclear submarine will surely be inducted

Russian 971 Akula /II class submarine

January 23, 2009, New Delhi -- Denying reports of Russia indefinitely delaying the delivery of a nuclear submarine to India, Navy chief Admiral Sureesh Mehta today said the vessel would certainly be inducted, but with a slight delay.

"The delay is only till the ship is put to the sea. It will be in due course of time handed over,"

Mehta told reporters on the sidelines of a Nat-Geo Mission Navy function here.However, he did not give any time frame for the vessel to join the Navy fleet, as Moscow was still probing the mishap that took place on its newly-built submarine, Nerpa, during sea trials in November last year.

India has entered into an agreement with Russia for the latter to lease an Akula-II class nuclear submarine for 10 years to train its personnel to operate the indigenous Advanced Technology Vessel currently under construction.

However, the Indian efforts suffered a setback as Nerpa reported a fire mishap on-board during sea trials in which 20 sailors were killed.

On the issue of renewed price negotiations for Admiral Gorshkov aircraft carrier, the Navy chief said a committee was discussing the matter with the Russians to arrive at the right cost for the refit of the warship, which would be the largest in the Indian Navy fleet after induction.

"It will take some time. The committee is got to work with the Russians to clearly identify the correct cost of the items that have been put in in addition to what the contract was for," Mehta said. (

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