CN235-220 MPA

CN235-220 MPA Indonesia Airforce (photo @Ardava)

Mission Capabilities
To survey protect borders and maritime resources
To perform a number of specific task that will enchance the security programs which include:
  • Provide effective day night surveillance to detect intruder activities and coordinates apprehension efforts.
  • Operation offer rugged, inaccessible land border to detect suspicious activities.
  • Fishery survey, anti smuggling, anti drug, and immigration control.
  • Optional attack capability of surface targets (from smalll and fast boats to large armed vessels) acting independently or in co-operation.
Mission System
Equipped with Amascos 200 (Airborne Maritime Situation and Control System) and the Ocean Master radar.
Power Plant
General Electric CT7-9C
S.L., Static Take-off with APR
Condition: ISA 00C, S/L MTOW 16,000 kg
Maximum Speed 240 kts
Long Range Speed: 202 kts
Max. Endurance Speed: 165 kts
Max. Range: 1,665 Nm
Max. Taxi Weight: 16,100 kg
Max. Take-off Weight: 16,000 kg
Max. Landing Weight: 15,800 kg
Max. Zero Fuel Weight: 14,900 kg
Max. Usable Fuel Capacity: 4,000 kg

CN235-220 MPA Indonesia Airforce (photo @TNI AU)
Overall Span: 25.810 m
Overall Length: 22.890 m
Overall Height: 8.117 m
Gross Wing Area: 61.00 m2
Wheel Track: 3.900 m
Wheel Base: 9.919 m

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