Israel's 2nd largest port under rocket fire

Sat, 03 Jan 2009 14:02:18 GMT -- Hamas rockets have hit the second largest Israeli port in the south as Tel Aviv continues its nonstop aerial raids on the Gaza Strip.

At least 10 rockets were fired into the southern Israel earlier Saturday, one of them hitting a four-story building in Ashdod--Israel's second largest port--which is located more than 30 kilometers (19 miles) from the border of the Gaza Strip.

Two people were lightly wounded, but immediately being treated at the site, the Magen David Adom medical rescue service reported.

Another rocket hit a house in the Israeli town of Ashkelon, 13 kilometers (eight miles) north of Gaza. The attack however has left no casualties.

At least 500 rockets and mortar rounds have been fired into Israel since Tel Aviv started an 'all-out war' against the coastal enclave last Saturday.

The rocket attacks have so far left four people killed and some others wounded.

The eight-day-long Israeli offensive killed over 439 people and wounded 2,280 others in the Gaza Strip.

Earlier in the day, Israeli warplanes struck several targets, including a school in the strip, killing at least four people.

The commander of Hamas's armed wing, Mohammad al-Jamal was also killed during the Saturday blitz. (SB/RA @PRESS TV)

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