Kilinochchi Conquered - Part 2

Troops enter Kilinochchi

2 Jan 2009 - 13:47 -- The troops of the heroic armed forces engaged in the humanitarian operation ventured in to the Kilinochchi town area marking a significant victory against LTTE terrorists, stated the Director General of MCNS Mr. Lakshman Hulugalle at a press briefing held at the MCNS today (02/01). The main administrative hub cum the heartland of the LTTE terrorists Elam dream will fall into the hands of the valiant troops. The liberation of Kilinochchi town will be the biggest defeat ever to the LTTE. It is expected that the official proclamation will be released at any moment from now he further stated.

Troops of the 57 division and task force I are conducting military operations in Kilinochchi and have entered the town through three different directions stated Military Spokesman Brig. Udaya Nanayakkara joining the press briefing . Task force I troops have entered through the North while troops of the 57 division have entered through west and south.

Kilinochchi is considered as the defector Elam capital of the LTTE. Spread over an area of 1250 sq km Kilinochchi is one of the most fertile districts in the country. Crops such as paddy chili, onions etc. which were grown there contributed to the economy before the tiger terrorists controlled the area. The capturing of Kilinochchi comes after 10 years and the troops of the 57 division and task force I will no doubt go down in history.

Another significance of Kilinochchi is that it was the location where the LTTE had set up their Kangaroo courts Elam police headquarters, Elam banks and most importantly the luxurious LTTE Peace secretariat. The illegal tax imposition of the LTTE was also administrated through Kilinochchi. Therefore the fall of the LTTE administration of Kilinochchi is a major loss for the LTTE terrorists.

Addressing the media at the briefing Air force Spokesman Wing Commander Janaka Nanayakkara stated that 25 Air missions were carried out on 32 identified LTTE targets since October 1st as a support to the troops of the 57 division and Task force I operating in the Paranthan and Kilinochchi areas. SLAF MI 24 Helicopters squadron, Kafir and fighter jets squadrons conducted 144 interdiction missions and pounded 204 LTTE targets located in and beyond the LTTE FDL.

Acting Navy Spokesman Commander Karunarathna and Police Spokesman SSP Ranjith Gunesekara were also present at the briefing.


Kilinochchi liberated- Countdown to extinction begins for LTTE

2 Jan 2009 - 16:36 -- The 57 Division and the Task Force 1 of Sri Lanka Army today (02/01) scored the greatest victory in their noble battle against terrorism by liberating the Kilinochchi town, the so-called administrative hub of the LTTE terrorists.

Troops of 57 Division lead by Major General Jagath Dias have entered into the highly defended terrorists stronghold from the South and Southwestern boundaries while the Task Force 1 troops lead by Brigadier Shavendra Silva have marched in from the North and Northwest.

Kilinochchi, though not very strategically located in terms of military maneuvers, has been given a great symbolic importance by the LTTE terrorists as their administrative "capital". In fact, the LTTE propaganda elements used to call the town as their de facto capital of the utopian state of "Eelam". However , Sri Lanka government has been running all civil administrative affairs in the area, including bank and finance, education, health, trade and welfare .

The terrorist first took hold of the town in 1990 when the Army withdrew its garrisons from Kilinochchi. Then the area was liberated by the Army during operations Sathjaya I, II, and III in September 1996. The town again fell into the terrorists' hand in September 1998 and had their administrative hub there ever since.

The LTTE is a ruthless terrorists outfit that has been engaged in a bloody terrorist campaign against the citizens of Sri Lanka since 1983. Lead by a psychopathic chief , the outfit has been trying to establish an ethnically pure Tamil state on the Sri Lankan soil. The LTTE is also the first terrorist outfit to use suicide bombers, and to develop naval and aerial fighting capability. The outfit is listed in the UN list of shame for using child soldiers and banned in many countries in the world. news@

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