NSM contract valued at MNOK 800 with Poland

Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace has won a contract with the Polish Ministry of Defence for a coastal artillery system featuring ground-launched Naval Strike Missiles (NSM). With a scope of MNOK 800, the contract was won in an open international competition. Delivery is scheduled for completion within 48 months.

The contract encompasses NSMs for use in conjunction with a command and weapon control system similar to KONGSBERG's renowned NASAMS air defence system. The radar system, communications system and trucks carrying launch ramps will be provided by Polish subcontractors.

KONGSBERG originally developed the NSM for the Norwegian Navy, and the missile is in production for deployment on the new Norwegian Fridtjof Nansen Class frigates and the new Norwegian Skjold Class missile torpedo boats. KONGSBERG has more than 30 years' experience of delivering command and weapon control systems to Norway and many other NATO countries.

The contract with Poland is the result of efforts devoted to exporting the NSM to other NATO countries, and it strengthens the company's position as a supplier of anti-ship missiles as well as command and weapon control systems. @Kongsberg

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