Israeli airstrike injures 4 in Egypt

Sun, 11 Jan 2009 -- Shrapnel from Israeli airstrikes have wounded two Egyptian policemen and two children near the Egypt's northern border with the Gaza Strip.

The children, aged two and five, as well as the police officers were rushed to a hospital for treatment following the attack near the Rafah border crossing on Sunday, AFP quoted an unnamed security official as saying.

"They were wounded by shrapnel when the Israeli air force bombed the border area," said the official, adding that "tens of homes were damaged" by the attack.

Sunday's strike also damaged an Egyptian mosque.

Witnesses have said that Israeli warplanes violate Egyptian airspace daily as they carry out sorties on Gaza.

Israeli forces have targeted the Gaza border area with Egypt since the start of an all-out war against the coastal strip on December 27.

The army says the bombings are aimed at destroying "smuggling" tunnels -- used by Palestinian to import basic needs in the face of an 18-month Israeli blockade.

Palestinian gunfire from Gaza has killed one Egyptian border guard since the conflict began. (ZHD/MD @ PRESS TV)

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