Red Arrows, detachment to RAF Waddington

The temporary detachment to RAF Waddington will greatly assist the detailed planning for the permanent rebasing of the Red Arrows, by increasing understanding of the unique requirements and operating procedures employed by the world-famous team – ensuring better integration into RAF Waddington.

The permanent move of the Red Arrows from RAF Scampton to RAF Waddington resulted from a study which, in May 2008, concluded that the optimum basing solution was to base the Red Arrows at RAF Waddington, whilst retaining the current arrangements for the using the reserved airspace over RAF Scampton for practising displays and training. On current plans this relocation is scheduled for 2011.

During the detachment the team will perform formation take-offs from RAF Waddington as part of its usual training programme, which includes six sorties daily – each consisting of between two to seven aircraft. The team will continue to rehearse the main part of its display in the usual reserved airspace above RAF Scampton. (RAF.mod.UK)

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