Chad to receive Kerax 6x6 trucks

17:24 GMT, January 6, 2009 --
Today, the Ministry of Defence of Chad has notified to Renault Trucks Defense a contract of 52 units of Kerax 6x6, in rigid version equipped with fuel tank and flatbed, in tractor version equipped with tank semi-trailer and in wrecking version.

These vehicles will be manufactured at Bourg en Bresse factory. They will be delivered during the year 2009.

The Renault Trucks Defense Kerax is a family of logistics truck systems designed for heavy transport missions both on-road and off-road. The Kerax vehicles feature easier maintenance, components commonality, lower costs and support through an international network.

Kerax 6x6 (Photo @Renault Trucks)

The Kerax 6x6 is a six-wheel drive heavy transport vehicle suitable for operation on rough terrain. It is powered by a DXi 11 diesel engine rated at 450-hp and has an operating range of up to 900 km.

Kerax 6x6 has up to 16t payload capacity on all roads and tracks, and can transport and handle containers and pallet rack systems and be equipped with other bodywork such as tipper, shelter, fluid tanks. @ Defro

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