Pakistan to receive 120 C-602 cruise missiles from China

C-602 (YJ-62) launched from a naval vessel (Photo @Sinodefence)

Pakistan Navy have purchased 120 C-602 long range anti-ship cruise missiles from china to counter the threat posed to the surface fleet of Pakistan navy by the Proliferation of Russian supersonic AntiShip missiles P-800 Oniks / Yakhont / PJ-10 Brahmos (Indian assembled version of Yakhont). Long range of the C-602 AntiShip missile will make sure that Pakistan Navy have first shoot advantage in case of an encounter with the Indian ships equipped with Russian Yakhont AntiShip missiles.

The C-602 long-range subsonic anti-ship cruise missile is developed by the CASIC 3rd Academy. The C-602 outperforms most Western and Russian anti-ship missiles in terms of range and warhead mass. The YJ-62 was first offered for export by the China National Precision Machinery Import and Export Corporation (CPMIEC) during the Defense Systems & Equipment International (DSEI) Land and Naval Systems Exhibition in September 2005. The missile is fitted with a strap-down inertial guidance coupled with GPS, and active radar for the terminal phase. CPMIEC claims that the C-602 is fitted with a frequency agile radar seeker which offers greater resistance to jamming from targeted ship. The active radar seeker has an acquisition range of up to 40km.

The C-602 is a conventional cruise missile design, with mid-body wings that deploy following launch. The fixed ventral air inlet is mounted slightly forward of the cruciform tail fins. The missile is 6.1 meters long (without the 0.9 meter-long launch booster), and weighs 1,140kg. The solid propellant booster weighs an additional 210kg. The C-602 has a cruise speed of Mach 0.6, carries a 300kg HE blast warhead, is powered by a small turbojet, and has a stated range of 280km, with the missile flying at an altitude of 30 meters during the cruise phase of an engagement. In the terminal phase, the missile descends to a height of seven meters, and it can be launched from truck-mounted launchers, from warships as well as from medium multi-role combat aircraft.C-602 anti-ship missile employs a cylinder-shape launcher. (news @ chinesemil.blogspot)

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