IDF Officer Killed; Operation Cast Lead Continues

08 January 2009 , 14:22 -- Captain Roi Rosner, commander of a company in the Kfir Brigade, was killed on Thursday morning (Jan. 8) during operations in the central Gaza Strip; another soldier was lightly wounded. Both their families have been notified.

During an operation carried out by the Kfir Brigade in the central Gaza Strip, the soldiers were hit by an anti-tank missile which, as previously mentioned, killed an officer and injured a soldier. The injured soldier was evacuated to hospital for medical treatment. Captain Rosner, 27, from Holon, was promoted posthumously to the rank of Major.

IDF Ground Forces continued operations throughout the Gaza Strip during the night (Jan. 8), with the support of the IAF. The IAF hit the houses of Yasser Natat, who is responsible for firing rockets from the Rafah area, and of Muhammed Sanuar, commander of the Han-Yonas Brigade of Hamas.

The IAF hit about 60 additional targets throughout the night (Jan. 8), among them were more than ten weaponry storage facilities, about 15 launching squads and bunkers from which Hamas fired at IDF forces, and a mosque that served as a weaponry storage facility and meeting point for Hamas operatives. ( nes @ IDF)

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