Counter terrorist operations reach decisive stage at Wanni and North

1/7/2009 7:45:05 AM --Security forces continuing multi-frontal assaults at remaining LTTE fortification at Wanni and North are now gaining rapid tactical advantage leaving LTTE to near extinction, security sources said. The ground confrontations are intense and fought at a rapid phase which has left the well fortified LTTE defences crumbling and its leadership stunned, defence observers said.

According to latest battlefield reports received, Army's Northern most offensive Divisions(53 Div & 55 Div) have totally secured LTTE's 2nd line of defence at Muhamalai, North and South of A-9 today(Jan 6). The fighting resulted, leaving LTTE with scores killed and army extending its defences 500m, southeast towards Pallai. Troops have also captured some well fortified LTTE bunker overheads and trenches, Northern military sources said. 2 LTTE bodies and 2 T-56 assault riffles were also found during subsequent search operations conducted, North of Muhamalai this evening, the sources added.

The two frontal southward military thrust is expected to deny terrorists with mobility, confining LTTE to a narrow stretch in the peninsula. LTTE artillery batteries and mortar launching pads will be constantly targeted in the military attacks, while it is expected that terrorists will be further driven eastwards, the sources said. Meanwhile, TF-1 forward domination elements continued to take on identified LTTE resistance positions at Elephant Pass, the 'gateway garrison' of LTTE in the Jaffna peninsula. Separately, another fighting formation of TF-1 is further pushing in a eastwardly direction along the Paranthan-Mullaittivu, A-35 main road, security sources said.

Bodies of slain terrorists found during the battles of Kurinchattiv, on 5th Jan, 2009.

Meanwhile, an LTTE terrorist was reported killed in an Army sniper attack in general area Kilaly, on Monday ( Jan 5), according to military reports received. At the Wanni battlefront, 57 Division troops operating east of A-9 have advanced and confronted with LTTE terrorists in the fringes of the Iranamadu tank area, security sources said. Troops also confirm heavy damages to LTTE during confrontations ensued with LTTE, Southwest of Vaddakkachchi. An LTTE terrorist was also reported sniped in general area North of Iranamadu, security sources said.

Meanwhile, TF-1 troops have also confronted with LTTE in general areas West of Vaddakkachchi, Murusumoddai, Uriyan and Navakokoddyan, security sources said.(news @MoDSL)

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