Russian frigate comes to rescue of fishing boat in Gulf of Aden

Neustrashimy (712) (Photo

MOSCOW, January 6 -- The Russian Baltic Fleet's frigate Neustrashimy (Fearless) came on Tuesday to the rescue of a drifting fishing boat in the Gulf of Aden flying the Yemeni flag, a Russian Navy spokesman said Tuesday.

Captain 1st Rank Igor Dygalo said the Neustrashimy had received information that the boat was in distress.

The boat's crew of 11 people contained nine Somalis and two Yemenis, including a pregnant woman.

"Competent medical assistance was rendered to those in need of it; foodstuffs and water they strongly needed were provided," Dygalo said.

He said the Neustrashimy is tugging the fishing boat to the port of Al-Mukalla in Yemen.

Dygalo said in December that the Neustrashimy had protected over 50 commercial ships from pirates off the Somali coast in 2008.

The missile frigate has been operating off the Horn of Africa according to international maritime law and agreements since the end of October.

Pirates have been increasingly active in the waters off Somalia, where over 120 ships have been attacked so far this year, with around 40 vessels seized. The navies of at least 10 countries are involved in anti-piracy operations off the coast of the East African nation. @ RIA Novosti

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