IDF Officer Killed; Operation Cast Lead Continues

08 January 2009 , 14:22 -- Captain Roi Rosner, commander of a company in the Kfir Brigade, was killed on Thursday morning (Jan. 8) during operations in the central Gaza Strip; another soldier was lightly wounded. Both their families have been notified.

During an operation carried out by the Kfir Brigade in the central Gaza Strip, the soldiers were hit by an anti-tank missile which, as previously mentioned, killed an officer and injured a soldier. The injured soldier was evacuated to hospital for medical treatment. Captain Rosner, 27, from Holon, was promoted posthumously to the rank of Major.

IDF Ground Forces continued operations throughout the Gaza Strip during the night (Jan. 8), with the support of the IAF. The IAF hit the houses of Yasser Natat, who is responsible for firing rockets from the Rafah area, and of Muhammed Sanuar, commander of the Han-Yonas Brigade of Hamas.

The IAF hit about 60 additional targets throughout the night (Jan. 8), among them were more than ten weaponry storage facilities, about 15 launching squads and bunkers from which Hamas fired at IDF forces, and a mosque that served as a weaponry storage facility and meeting point for Hamas operatives. ( nes @ IDF)

India may buy U.S.-built missile defence shield

19:21 GMT, January 8, 2009 New Delh i-- According to Hindustan Times, the Indian government is in preliminary talks to buy U.S. missile shield systems to protect the country against a nuclear threat.

The newspaper quoted a British Broadcasting Corporation which had contacts to officials in New Delhi. Although India's need for greater protection against threats emanating from Pakistan and “other volatile countries in the region” was highlighted in the aftermath of the Mumbai terror attacks, the talks were reported to have taken place over the last two years.

Officials at the US embassy in New Delhi told the Financial Times that talks so far have been mainly at the technical level.

They said US defence officials had conducted computer simulations with their Indian counterparts to demonstrate the capabilities of such technology.

In addition, two live launches of missiles using the shield system had been watched by experts from the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).

“India is a partner of ours, and we want to provide it with whatever it needs to protect itself,” the FT quoted an unnamed US embassy official as saying.

“This fits into the overall strategic partnership we are building.”

But, the paper said, India's politicians and defence planners have yet to take a final decision as they undertake what it called an expensive modernisation of the army, replacing ageing Soviet-era military hardware.

Another US official was quoted as saying: “I get the impression the scientists are quite interested, and that some in the strategic policy community… see this as a future tool in their kit bag. But India's political leadership and its strategic community need to decide what their interests and threats are.”

A senior Pakistani official with detailed knowledge of the country's own nuclear programme told the FT that Pakistan “will have to take counter-measures to respond” to any agreement between the US and India over a missile defence system.

“For the past many years, we have been considering the possibility of such an outcome one day,” the official said.

The British Broadcasting Corporation said the system, which was successfully tested in Alaska in December last year, involves radar and anti-missile missiles, or interceptors, which would destroy incoming ballistic missiles. (@ Defro)

Prajurit TNI AL Apel Khusus 2009

Surabaya - Prajurit TNI AL dan PNS yang bertugas di Komando Armada RI Kawasan Timur (Koarmatim) mengikuti apel khusus awal 2009 yang dipimpin oleh Kepala Staf Koarmatim, Laksma TNI Slamet Yulistiono di Surabaya, Kamis.

Kadispen Koarmatim, Letkol Laut (KH) Drs Toni Syaiful menjelaskan, apel khusus itu digelar dalam rangka evaluasi terhadap perjalanan TNI AL sepanjang 2008 untuk selanjutnya dijadikan acuan dalam melaksanakan program dan kegiatan 2009.

"Seperti diketahui, pada tahun 2008 TNI AL telah berhasil melaksanakan latihan Armada Jaya, uji coba Rudal C-802, latihan gabungan TNI dan upacara peringatan HUT TNI yang dipusatkan di Koarmatim," katanya.

KRI Layang-805 Melucurkan Rudal C-802 (Photo @

Selain itu, katanya, TNI AL juga telah berhasil menindak berbagai pelanggaran di laut serta menurunkan angka pelanggaran di Selat Malaka. Sementara dari sisi kekurangan, pada tahun 2008 ini masih perlu menurunkan angka pelanggaran disiplin prajurit.

Sementara KSAL, Laksamana TNI Tedjo Edhy Purdijatno dalam amanat tertulisnya yang dibaca Laksma TNI Slamet Yulistiono mengatakan bahwa perkembangan lingkungan strategis global, regional maupun nasional saat ini menjadi tantangan tugas bagi TNI AL.

"Oleh karena itu pembangunan TNI AL yang besar dan kuat masih sangat dibutuhkan untuk menjaga kedaulatan dan keutuhan NKRI, menjaga kehormatan bangsa, melindungi dan mengamankan sumber daya alam yang terkandung di dalamnya serta mampu memberi jaminan keamanan," katanya.

Berkaitan dengan keterbatasan dana, KSAL mengatakan bahwa TNI AL perlu menelaah lebih dalam mengenai pembangunan kekuatan guna menciptakan suatu kekuatan yang mempunyai kemampuan penangkalan dan penindakan dalam menghadapi berbagai bentuk ancaman.

"Untuk itu peningkatan SDM merupakan salah satu prioritas, karena hanya prajurit profesional yang mampu mengawaki TNI AL yang besar, kuat dan profesional," ujarnya.

Ia juga mengingatkan prajurit agar betul-betul menjaga netralitas TNI dalam penyelenggaraan Pemilu yang akan dilaksanakan dalam waktu dekat ini. (Masuki M. Astro @ AntaraJatim)

GE to provide systems and structures for P-8I maritime patrol aircraft

19:34 GMT, January 8, 2009 GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- GE Aviation will provide integrated systems and structures for the eight P-8I long-range maritime reconnaissance and anti-submarine warfare aircraft Boeing is developing for the Indian Navy. The Government of India recently selected Boeing to provide the aircraft to help meet its unique maritime patrol requirements.

The P-8I is a variant of the P-8A Poseidon being developed for the U.S. Navy by a Boeing-led industry team that includes GE Aviation.

GE’s stores management system and flight management system, fuselage and the wing pylon structures for the P-8I are designed for growth and provide outstanding capabilities tailored to India’s unique maritime-patrol requirements.

GE’s stores management system provides a comprehensive system with integrated electronic control. The company’s flight management system provides a truly integrated open architecture that is CNS/ATM compliant along with an inherent growth path for upgrades. For the P-8A, GE manufactures and qualifies both the fuselage and the wing pylon structure with two fuselage and four wing pylons fitted to each aircraft.

GE’s program is well advanced with design complete and hardware in manufacturing to support P-8A activities. GE’s P-8I deliveries to Boeing will commence in 2010 in line with the program schedule.

India is the first international customer for the P-8. Boeing will deliver the first P-8I within 48 months of the contract signing, and the remaining seven by 2015.

The P-8I is a true multi-mission maritime patrol aircraft (MPA) that features greater flexibility and a broader range of capabilities than MPAs currently in service. The P-8I can operate effectively over land or water while performing anti-submarine warfare missions; search and rescue; maritime interdiction; and long-range intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance.

The P-8I provides India with speed, reliability, persistence and room for growth to satisfy the country's requirements now and well into the future. The aircraft features open system architecture, advanced sensor and display technologies, and a worldwide base of suppliers, parts and support equipment. (@ Defro)

The Ministry Of Justice Of Cyprus Orders Two AW139 Helicopters

AgustaWestland, a Finmeccanica company, is pleased to announce that the Ministry of Justice of Cyprus has placed an order for two AW139 medium twin engine helicopters. These aircraft will be used to perform law enforcement and search and rescue operations. This success follows on from the contract signed by the Ministry of Defence of Cyprus in December 2008 for three AW139s and is further evidence of the increasing success this model has found in the medium twin market where it continues to be the best selling helicopter.

The 15 seat AW139 is a new generation medium twin-turbine helicopter setting new standards in its class. The AW139 is the only new generation helicopter in its class, in service today, that fully complies with the latest certification requirements in terms of performance and safety. Its Pratt & Whitney turbines together with a state-of-the-art 5-bladed main rotor provide unequalled performance, even in demanding hot and high conditions at maximum all up mass. The availability of modular role kits allows easy and quick conversion to and from various configurations. The law enforcement-configured AW139 is available with a wide range of mission equipment and with the most spacious cabin in the medium twin class is the helicopter of choice for demanding homeland security requirements. (@ AgustaWestland)

Gelombang 6 m di Laut Arafuru Hadang KRI Teluk Cendrawasih 533

Gelombang setinggi 4 hingga 6 meter yang terjadi di laut Arafuru siap menghadang pelayaran KRI Teluk Cendrawasih (TCW)-533 yang hari ini Kamis (8/1) bertolak dari Tual menuju Merauke. Kondisi cuaca tersebut sesuai laporan dari BMG (Badan Meteorologi dan Geofisika), bahwa gelombang tinggi terjadi di sejumlah wilayah perairan Indonesia mulai Selasa hingga Sabtu (10/1), termasuk di laut Arafuru.

Kondisi cuaca tidak menguntungkan tersebut sudah terasa sejak Kamis (8/1) siang ketika KRI Teluk Cendrawasih-533 akan bertolak. Di Dermaga Lanal Tual angin bertiup begitu kencang sekitar 20 knot, sehingga keberangkatan kapal yang dijadwalkan pukul 12.00 (WIT) ditunda hingga menunggu kecepatan angin menurun.

Akhirnya setelah sandar di Dermaga Pangkalan TNI Angkatan Laut (Lanal) Tual selama 2 hari untuk melakukan bekul (bekal ulang) pengisian BBM dan air tawar, KRI Teluk Cendrawasih-533 Kamis (8/1) sore bisa bertolak menuju Merauke. “Dari sini saja anginnya sudah terasa kencang, nanti di laut Arafuru gelombangnya bisa setinggi 4 hingga 5 meter”, kata Komandan KRI Teluk Cendrawasih-533 Mayor Laut (P) Baharudin Anwar.

Kapal perang jenis Landing Ship Tank (LST) dari jajaran Komando Armada RI Kawasan Timur (Koarmatim) dan dikomandani Mayor Laut (P) Baharudin Anwar ini keberangkatannya dilepas oleh Komandan Pangkalan TNI Angkatan Laut (Lanal) Tual Kolonel Laut (P) Eko Murwanto dengan didampingi beberapa perwira stafnya.

Kapal perang yang membawa misi mendukung terlaksananya peresmian Pangkalan Utama TNI Angkatan Laut (Lantamal) XI Merauke ini, akan menempuh pelayaran kurang lebih selama dua hari. Sehingga dijadwalkan kapal ini bersama dengan KRI Teluk Sampit-515 yang mengambil rute pelyaran dari Surabaya langsung menuju ke Merauke akan tiba pada tanggal 10 Januari 2009.

Seperti diberitakan sebelumnya, bahwa untuk peresmian Lantamal XI Merauke seluruh panitia beserta tim pendukung lainya serta sebagian besar pasukannya dipersiapkan dari Surabaya. Untuk itu pada kegiatan tersebut Koarmatim telah memberangkatkan dua kapal perangnya, yakni KRI Teluk Cendrawasih-533 dan KRI Teluk Sampit-515.

Peresmian Lantamal XI Merauke sendiri yang direncanakan pada tanggal 15 Januari dan bertepatan dengan upacara peringatan Hari Dharma Samudera itu, akan diresmikan langsung oleh Kepala Staf TNI Angkatan Laut Laksamana TNI Tedjo Edhy Purdijatno, SH, dan dihadiri oleh pejabat Muspida Propinsi Papua dan Muspida Kabupaten Merauke. (@ TNI.Mil)

General Dynamics Awarded $18 Million Gun System Contract by Raytheon

Charlotte, N. C. – Raytheon Missile Systems of Louisville, Ky., has awarded General Dynamics Armament and Technical Products an $18 million contract to produce gun systems for the Phalanx Block 1B Close-In-Weapon System (CIWS) and the Centurion Land-Based Phalanx CIWS. General Dynamics Armament and Technical Products is a business unit of General Dynamics (NYSE: GD).

The Phalanx Block 1B CIWS is an upgrade of the Phalanx CIWS. Phalanx is a fully autonomous, radar-directed, rapid-fire 20mm Gatling-gun system that provides naval ships with the last line of defense against a variety of threats including anti-ship missiles, aircraft, high-speed watercraft and other air and surface threats. The upgrade adds enhanced fire control capability, optimized gun barrels and an integrated Forward Looking Infrared system.

In the Centurion configuration, a Phalanx Block 1B CIWS is mounted on a stabilized wheeled platform to protect ground forces and high-value sites against rocket, artillery and mortar threats. Currently deployed by the United States and United Kingdom in the Global War on Terror, Centurion has successfully intercepted and destroyed more than 100 threats.

“The Phalanx is the only deployed close-in-weapon system capable of searching, tracking and engaging littoral warfare threats,” said Jo Ann Kramer, senior program manager of gun systems for General Dynamics Armament and Technical Products.

The gun systems will be produced at General Dynamics Armament and Technical Products’ facility in Saco, Maine, with program management performed at the company’s Burlington, Vt.-based Technology Center, and testing conducted at the Ethan Allen Firing Range in Jericho, Vt. (@ GeneralDynamics)

New Counter-Piracy Task Force Established

The amphibious transport dock ship USS San Antonio (LPD 17) transits the Persian Gulf. Iwo Jima is deployed as part of the Iwo Jima Expeditionary Strike Group (ESG) supporting maritime security operations in the U.S. 5th Fleet area of responsibility. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class MichÊl Starkey/Released)

MANAMA, Bahrain (NNS) -- The Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) established Combined Task Force 151 (CTF-151) Jan. 8 specifically for counter-piracy operations.

Naval ships and assets from more than 20 nations comprise the Combined Maritime Forces. U.S. Navy Rear Adm. Terence "Terry" McKnight has been named the commander of the new task force which will be fully operational by the middle of January.

The CMF created the Maritime Security Patrol Area (MSPA) in the Gulf of Aden in August of 2008 to support international efforts to combat piracy. Coalition efforts included CTF-150 assets patrolling the area with ships and aircraft. However, the charter for CTF-150, established at the outset of Operation Enduring Freedom, was for the conduct of Maritime Security Operations (MSO) in the Gulf of Aden, the Gulf of Oman, the Arabian Sea, Red Sea and the Indian Ocean. Operations included the deterrence of destabilizing activities, such as drug smuggling and weapons trafficking.

The establishment of CTF-151 will allow CTF-150 assets to remain focused on those activities, giving CTF-151 the ability to focus solely on the counter-piracy mission.

"Some navies in our coalition did not have the authority to conduct counter-piracy missions," said Vice Adm. Bill Gortney, CMF commander. "The establishment of CTF-151 will allow those nations to operate under the auspices of CTF-150, while allowing other nations to join CTF-151 to support our goal of deterring, disrupting and eventually bringing to justice the maritime criminals involved in piracy events."

Gortney highlighted the reduction in piracy events in the region due to merchant mariners' proactive measures. He also continued to caution that the efforts of coalition and international navies won't solve the problem of piracy.

"The most effective measures we've seen to defeat piracy are non-kinetic and defensive in nature. The merchant ships have been doing a great job stepping up and utilizing these methods to defeat piracy attempts. That's a great first step. But the problem of piracy is and continues to be a problem that begins ashore and is an international problem that requires an international solution. We believe the establishment of CTF-151 is a significant step in the right direction."

CTF 151 is a multinational task force that conducts counter-piracy operations in and around the Gulf of Aden, Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean and the Red Sea and was established to create a lawful maritime order and develop security in the maritime environment. (@

Israel fires five rockets into Lebanon

08 Jan 2009 07:22:39 GMT -- Tel Aviv has fired five rockets into Lebanon, claiming that the assault was in retaliation for rocket attacks on its northern towns.

Four rockets landed on northern Israel early on Thursday, a Press TV correspondent reported. Four settlers were reportedly injured in the attack.

Israeli police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said the rockets landed around the town of Nahariya, 8 km (5 miles) south of the Lebanese border. Tel Aviv claims the rockets were launched from southern Lebanon.

The Lebanese Hezbollah, however, says it is not responsible for the alleged firing of rockets at Israel.

An army spokesperson said that following the attack the Israeli military launched missiles onto Lebanon in what it described as "retaliatory" fire.

Hezbollah's al-Manar television and Lebanese officials announced that five rockets had landed on the Lebanese soil near the southern border with Israel. However, the artillery landed on desert areas causing no damage or casualties, Press TV's Beirut correspondent, Ali Rizk, reported.

Israeli warplanes breached Lebanon's airspace following the incident, conducting overflights over southern Lebanon.

Despite claims made by Israeli officials that Tel Aviv is not interested in opening a new front against Hezbollah in the north, Israeli reconnaissance aircraft regularly fly over Lebanon.

On December 28, a day after Tel Aviv launched its bloody airstrikes on the Gaza Strip, Israeli warplanes conducted overflights at a low altitude over south Lebanon, violating the country's airspace in breach of UN Security Council resolution 1701.

Meanwhile, Israeli media say the rocket attacks were most likely fired by Palestinian groups in retaliation for the 13-day-long Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip.

Radio and television reports cited unnamed military sources saying the incident was likely to be an 'isolated attack'.

The Hamas movement has also denied the reports that it was behind the rocket attacks. "We cannot blame any Palestinian faction and we don't know who fired the rockets," said Hamas spokesman in Lebanon, Raafat Morra.

"Hamas is pursuing its combat inside Palestine and our principle is not to use any other Arab soil to respond to the occupation. This is our firm policy," he said.

"Basically what is happening is the fault of Israel because it is impossible to contain the Arab and Islamic world after the Gaza massacre.(MSH/MMN @ PRESS TV)


KSAL Minta Pengadaan Kapal Selam Dilanjutkan

DEPARTEMEN Pertahanan (Dephan) menunda pengadaan kapal selam baru. Namun, TNI AL bersikukuh memerlukan tambahan dua kapal selam sebagai alat pertahanan.

"Apalagi Presiden sudah menyampaikan ke depan Indonesia minimal perlu dua kapal selam lagi," katan Kepala Staf Angkatan Laut (KSAL) Laksamana Tedjo Edhy Purdijatno, di Jakarta, baru-baru ini.

Sebelumnya, Sekretaris Jenderal Dephan Letjen Sjafrie Sjamsoeddin mengatakan, anggaran menjadi halangan utama menghadirkan senjata strategis itu. Terlebih dana pertahanan terus berkurang. Dia menjelaskan, pengadaan kapal selam baru akan dibicarakan pada rencana strategis berikutnya, yakni 2010-2014.

Saat ini matra laut memiliki dua kapal selam, yakni KRI Cakra-401 dan KRI Nanggala-402. Tedjo masih berharap ada perubahan rencana. Alasannya, pembahasan akhir kredit ekspor yang tertunda baru akan dibicarakan Dephan dan Departemen Keuangan, dan TNI.

"Kemungkinan dipercepat bisa saja terjadi," katanya. Kalaupun tetap ditunda, Tedjo mengaku tidak keberatan. Meski kontrak ditandatangani tahun ini, kehadiran kapal bawah air itu paling cepat baru tiga tahun setelahnya. Dia hanya meminta komitmen agar pengadaan kapal selam ini dapat diteruskan.

Karena itu, TNI AL tetap melakukan kajian mendalam spesifikasi kapal selam yang dibutuhkan sesuai tingkat ancaman yang akan dihadapi. Spesifikasi dan kebutuhan operasi ini akan diserahkan ke Dephan untuk kemudian ditentukan dari negara mana kapal selam itu diadakan.

Ada beberapa negara yang menjadi pilihan, antara lain Jerman (U-209), Korea Selatan (Changbogo), Rusia (Kelas Kilo), dan Prancis (Scorpen). "Dipilih yang mana terserah Dephan. Yang penting kemampuan tempurnya," katanya.

Kapal Selam Kelas Kilo (Photo

Tim kajian TNI AL telah menyusun spesifikasi teknik sejumlah peralatan persenjataan yang akan diajukan dengan sisa anggaran kredit ekspor 2005-2009, yakni tank amfibi, kapal Perusak Kawal Rudal (PKR) dan satu unit kapal selam. Untuk tank prosesnya sudah selesai. Indonesia memesan 17 tank BMP-3F dari Rusia. Sedangkan PKR dan kapal selam masih dalam proses. (Adhitya Cahya Utama @Jurnas)

Saab signs contract with FMV regarding Gripen

JAS 39 Gripen the Swedish Air Force (Photo @ DID)

8 January, 2009 14:20 CET -- Saab has received an order from the Swedish Defence Material Administration, FMV, for supporting Gripen’s operative capacity. The contract is valued to 550 million SEK.

The order includes for example programme management, product maintenance, support, flight testing, pilot equipment and simulators to support the operative capacity of the Gripen system. Work will be carried out during 2009.

The contract renders possibilities for Saab to provide continued support and development of Gripen for the Swedish Air Force. @cisionwire

U.S. Navy X-47B UAS unveiled!

08:59 GMT, January 8, 2009 EAST HARTFORD, Conn. -- Pratt & Whitney, along with Northrop Grumman, unveiled the first X-47B air vehicle for the U.S. Navy's Unmanned Combat Air System Carrier Demonstration (UCAS-D) program. The X-47B is powered by a Pratt & Whitney F100-PW-220U engine. Pratt & Whitney is a United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX) company.

The unveiling ceremony offered a first look at the most technologically advanced unmanned air vehicle in development.

"To see this revolutionary unmanned combat air system equipped with a Pratt & Whitney F100-PW-220U engine is truly a proud moment," said Michael Ondas, Pratt & Whitney UCAS-D program manager. "To see the tangible results of our design and development efforts is very rewarding. We are proud to celebrate this accomplishment with Northrop Grumman, the U.S. Navy, and the entire X-47B team."

Pratt & Whitney was awarded a $54 million contract earlier this year to develop and integrate the engine and exhaust system for the X-47B.

The Pratt & Whitney F100-PW-220U engine, a derivative of the F-100-PW-220E, is capable of providing up to 16,000 pounds of thrust while operating in a maritime environment, including carrier deck operations. First flight of the X-47B is scheduled in 2009, with at-sea carrier trials planned to begin in late 2011.

Pratt & Whitney military engines include the F100 family that powers the F-15 and F-16, the F119 for the F-22 Raptor, the F135 for the F-35 Lightning II, the F117 for the C-17 Globemaster III, the J52 for the EA-6B Prowler, the TF33 powering AWACS/Joint STARS/B-52/KC-135 aircraft, and TF30 for the F-111. In addition, Pratt & Whitney offers a global network of maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) and military aftermarket services (MAS) focused on maintaining engine readiness for our customers. @Defro

Obsesi Sutiyoso: Militer Indonesia Kecil Berkualitas

Rabu, 07 Januari 2009 23:33 WIB --Capres dari Partai Indonesia Sejahtera (PIS) Sutiyoso mempunyai obsesi hadirnya sosok militer Indonesia yang jumlahnya kecil tapi memiliki profesionalisme dan mobilitas tinggi serta dilengkapi persenjataan canggih.

"Seharusnya kita punya postur TNI yang kecil saja tapi profesional, punya mobilitas tinggi dan dilengkapi persenjataan yang modern," katanya saat berbicara dalam Forum PPP Mendengar di Kantor DPP PPP Jakarta, Rabu (7/1) malam.

Menurut mantan Gubernur DKI selama dua periode itu, tentara Indonesia saat ini mobilitasnya rendah karena sarana pendukungnya seperti alat angkut personel yang digunakan sudah sangat ketinggalan zaman. Kerapuhan kekuatan militer itu, ujarnya lagi, sangat diketahui militer negara tetangga sehingga bangsa Indonesia terus dilecehkan. "Termasuk pula kita sering dilecehkan oleh tetangga 'kemarin sore', Timor Leste," katanya.

Lebih lanjut Sutiyoso yang juga purnawirawan Letnan Jenderal itu mengatakan bahwa konsekuensi dari sistem pertahanan dan keamanan rakyat semesta (sishankamrata) yang dianut Indonesia itu seharusnya merujuk pada postur militer yang jumlahnya kecil, tapi profesional dan terlatih dengan tingkat kesejahteraan yang tinggi.

Terkait dengan perlengkapan militer yang seharusnya terus dimodernisasi, Sutiyoso menghendaki agar berbagai industri strategis sebagai pendukung utama militer terus dihidupkan.

Pada bagian lain, Sutiyoso menegaskan bahwa negara ini sarat masalah dan karenanya diperlukan nyali yang besar untuk membereskan berbagai masalah itu dengan terobosan baru. "Kalau hanya langkah yang normatif atau konvensional saja, tidak akan ada perubahan buat bangsa ini," ujarnya.

Soal demokratisasi, Bang Yos berpendapat bahwa gubernur itu sebaiknya dipilih saja oleh DPRD setelah pelaksanaan pilkada langsung lebih banyak kerugian dari pada manfaatnya. Selain itu, dengan kembali pemilihan lewat DPRD juga akan menghemat biaya besar.

Jadi, katanya lagi, DPRD mengajukan lima cagub kepada pemerintah untuk dipilih karena gubernur itu seharusnya adalah wakil pemerintah pusat di daerah-daerah. "Sekarang ini pemerintah mengundang gubernur atau bupati, tetapi mereka pada tidak datang," katanya.

Sementara itu salah panelis Prof Tjipta Lesmana mengkritik PPP yang seharusnya dengan potensi besar yang dimilikinya, partai berlambang Kabah itu seharusnya tampil dengan capresnya sendiri, PPP, ujarnya, mempunyai modal yang cukup bagus. "Tetapi Suryadharma tampaknya sudah menggembok pintu PPP dengan hanya mendengar capres dari partai-partai lain," katanya. @MI

Boeing Receives JDAM and SDB Production Contracts

ST. LOUIS, Jan. 07, 2009 -- The Boeing Company [NYSE: BA] has received two contracts totaling $217.1 million from the U.S. Department of Defense for continued production of Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) tail kits and Small Diameter Bombs (SDB).

The JDAM contract, $106.9 million for Lot 13 production, includes more than 4,000 tail kits for the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy. Boeing will deliver the kits in 2010 and 2011.

The SDB contract, $110.2 million for Lot 5 production, includes more than 2,500 weapons and associated carriages for the Air Force. Deliveries are scheduled for 2010.

"JDAM and SDB are providing effective direct-attack options to our warfighters," said Dan Jaspering, director of Direct Attack Programs for Boeing. "Both weapons have been called into action in Iraq and Afghanistan and are helping to keep our soldiers out of harm's way."

JDAM is a low-cost guidance kit that converts existing 500-, 1,000- and 2,000-pound unguided free-fall bombs into accurately guided "smart" weapons. Boeing has produced more than 200,000 JDAM tail kits since 1998.

SDB is a low-cost weapon system designed to reduce collateral damage through its accuracy, its size and its effective, multipurpose warhead. It has a standoff range in excess of 40 nautical miles. @ Boeing

Korea orders six more German Class 214 submarines

RoK Navy Class 214 Submarine of the 1st Batch. (Photo: TKMS)

16:34 GMT, January 7, 2009, Hamburg/Kiel -- A contract for the delivery of six material packages to build Class 214 submarines for Korea was signed in December 2008 by Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft GmbH (HDW), a company of ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems AG, and MarineForce International LLP (MFI). The contract was made between the HDW/MFI consortium and the South Korean procurement authority DAPA (Defense Acquisition Program Administration). This will provide Korea with a 2nd batch of boats in this successful class of submarines.

After studying the tenders produced by national Korean shipyards, DAPA selected Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering to build the first boat of the 2nd batch. Submission of tenders for the second boat is due to take place in summer 2009.

All six boats will be equipped with an air independent propulsion system on the basis of fuel cells. The 2nd batch of Class 214 for the Korean Navy is a further development of the already proven overall design for the first three boats. The new submarines will be almost identical to the 1st batch boats, which were ordered in 2000 and all three of which were built/are being built by Hyundai Heavy Industries. The first two boats of this class were delivered to the Korean Navy in December 2007 and 2008. @Defro

Russian destroyer escorts 2 commercial ships off Somalia

MOSCOW, January 7 -- A Russian Pacific Fleet destroyer on Wednesday started escorting two commercial ships in the Gulf of Aden, where pirates based in Somalia have been active, a Russian Navy spokesman said.

"The Admiral Vinogradov destroyer is currently escorting the Anatoly Kolesnichenko and the Cherkassy vessels to protect them against pirate attacks," Captain 1st Rank Igor Dygalo said.

Admiral Vinogradov 554 (Photo @Maritimequest)

Another Russian warship, the Neustrashimy (Fearless), has been operating off the Horn of Africa since the end of October to protect commercial ships from pirate attacks.

With the arrival of the Vinogradov, the Neustrashimy is expected to end its anti-piracy mission, although the Navy spokesman said it would remain in the region until further notice.

The Baltic Fleet frigate on Wednesday finished towing a fishing vessel to Yemen, Dygalo said. The boat, which had been adrift for four days, was carrying nine Somalis and two citizens of Yemen.

One of the passengers was a pregnant woman who was given medical assistance.

Pirates have been increasingly active in the waters off Somalia, where over 120 ships were attacked in 2008, with around 40 vessels seized. The navies of at least 10 countries are involved in anti-piracy operations off the coast of the East African nation. @ RIA Novosti

Boeing-Insitu ScanEagle Completes 1,500th Shipboard Sortie With US Navy

ST. LOUIS, Jan. 07, 2009 -- The ScanEagle unmanned aircraft system (UAS), a joint effort of The Boeing Company [NYSE: BA] and Insitu Inc., this week completed its 1,500th shipboard sortie in service with the U.S. Navy. ScanEagle has provided persistent, cost-effective intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) to the Navy since July 2005.

The Navy has used ScanEagle aboard a variety of ships -- ranging from the destroyer USS Mahan to the amphibious vessel USS Whidbey Island -- as well as on support ships and small combatant craft. In addition, ScanEagle serves with other U.S. forces and with international customers in various theaters around the world.

"We've learned lessons from our extensive ScanEagle operations that have helped us refine the system into a mature ISR asset that is safe, dependable and easy to operate for our sailors,"said Don Iverson, ScanEagle U.S. Navy program manager for Boeing. "These 1,500 safe shipboard recoveries, along with numerous operational reports from our customers, show that ScanEagle has established itself as a critical capability for naval operations around the world.

"The long-endurance, fully autonomous ScanEagle UAS carries inertially stabilized electro-optical and infrared cameras that allow the operator to track both stationary and moving targets. Capable of flying above 16,000 feet and loitering over the battlefield for more than 24 hours, the platform provides persistent low-altitude ISR.

ScanEagle is launched autonomously from a pneumatic SuperWedge™ catapult launcher and flies either preprogrammed or operator-initiated missions. The Insitu-patented SkyHook™ system is used to retrieve the UAS, capturing it by way of a rope suspended from a 50-foot-high tower. The system makes ScanEagle runway-independent and minimizes its impact on shipboard operations, similar to a vertical-takeoff-and-landing vehicle.@Boeing

110 Prajurit Laut Latihan Pratugas PBB ke Lebanon

Rabu, 07 Jan 2009 16:53:24 -- Surabaya - Sebanyak 110 prajurit TNI AL yang akan bertugas sebagai pasukan perdamaian PBB di Lebanon mengikuti latihan pratugas yang dibuka oleh Kasum TNI, Laksdya TNI Didik Heru Purnomo di Surabaya, Rabu.

Materi pelatihan yang berlangsung hingga 5 Februari 2009 itu meliputi masalah taktis dan teknis militer, komando dan pengendalian, komunikasi, serta pengetahuan lain, seperti pengenalan budaya lokal, pengetahuan HAM serta kemanusiaan.

Menurut Kasum TNI, sebelum berangkat mereka juga akan melaksanakan latihan teknis berupa manuver lapangan di sekitar Laut Jawa. Dengan pelatihan ini, diharapkan semua prajurit yang terlibat memiliki kemampuan sesuai dengan standar PBB.

"Pengiriman Satgas Laut dari pasukan PBB ini yang pertama kalinya bagi TNI. Permintaan satgas laut dari Indonesia oleh PBB sangat signifikan untuk kepentingan perdamaian, karena akan melengkapi komposisi pasukan UNIFIL Maritim dari negara Eropa, seperti Spanyol, Jerman, Belanda, Belgia, Turki dan lainnya," katanya.

Menurut dia, prestasi yang telah ditorehkan prajurit TNI sebelumnya saat ditugaskan di Misi UNIFIL yang mampu menunjukkan sebagai tentara profesional serta mampu bergaul dan disukai rakyat setempat menyebabkan Indonesia diminta untuk menambah pasukan penjaga perdamaian di Lebanon.

Mantan Pangarmatim itu mengemukakan, Indonesia merupakan negara di Asia yang diminta langsung oleh PBB untuk mengirimkan pasukan lautnya dalam misi perdamaian.

Kasum TNI yang saat itu didampingi Pangarmatim, Laksda TNI Lili Supramono juga menginstruksikan agar prajurit TNI AL yang tergabung dalam Satgas itu bekerja berdasarkan pola operasi sesuai standar PBB dan juga harus memperhatikan budaya lokal.

"Hal tersebut akan membantu menjadi penengah secara imparsial atau tidak memihak pada salah satu kelompok dari pihak-pihak yang bertikai. Kalian harus mampu menjaga nama baik bangsa, sehingga citra negara Indonesia semakin baik di mata dunia," ujarnya.

Kadispen Koarmatim, Letkol Laut (KH) Drs Toni Syaiful menambahkan, awal Februari 2009 pasukan itu akan berangkat ke Lebanon menggunakan kapal perang canggih milik TNI AL, yaitu KRI Dipenogoro-365 yang dilengkapi satu helikopter.

"Dari 110 personel itu, 88 diantaranya adalah ABK KRI Diponegoro, 22 lainnya adalahl kru helikopter, dokter, pasukan katak, penyelam, personel komunikasi, perwira penerangan, teknisi senjata dan lainnya," ujarnya.

Ia mengemukakan, seluruh personel itu merupakan prajurit Koarmatim terpilih dari hasil seleksi yang meliputi kemampuan Bahasa Inggris, pemeriksaan kesehatan secara lengkap, tes psikologi dan wawancara. (Masuki M. Astro @antarajatim)

To Hell With the Human Being

The media supposedly denounces the attacks (in the eyes of some), but continues with quite strange assumptions. They give the label "radical" to Hamas, but not Israel, which has killed 500 people in ten days, according to conservative data. Many children. Many women. Many innocent people.

Doing that is a mistaken policy, and it does not resolve in agreement to show "forgotten" history, and a neo-Nazi policy of ethnic extermination - Israel is not branded "radical" by the news.

A pity that even in GloboNews (for an example), in which historians and sociologists are always a little smarter, especially in the Millennium and documentaries bought from foreign broadcasters, they give this shameful treatment to information, so valuable in times of war.

On the contrary. The presenter of the economic news almost smiles while informing that the conflict in Israel made the Bovespa close up. The economist heard on this channel Monday (5 / 9) - always a neo liberal - confirms exhaustively: the Petrobras shares are "pumping" in the financial market. It is as if they said: "To hell with the human being.”

The comments are done in totally free form: they are not treated as human beings. There are only variations of commodities due to the variation of "external factors," between them the ethnic extermination of a people. The presenter does not find that abnormal: she celebrates the year of 2009, which "was surprising" with all these "positive indicators".

In this bleak scenario in the Brazilian press, as a little more humanist citizen can track daily, from their critical sense, it only remains to protest and we recall the thought of Sophocles (495 BC-406 BC), the Greek playwright: "When will they call for force to stop the injustice and tyranny when respectable citizens were silent? (Gustavo Barreto

Pergantian Pejabat di Lingkungan TNI

Laksma TNI Edy Yusuf Jabat Komandan Lantamal III

Pangkalan Utama Angkatan Laut (Lantamal) III merupakan Komando pelaksana dukungan Koarmabar, dituntut mampu menyelenggarakan dukungan logistik dan administratif bagi satuan-satuan operasional TNI AL khususnya unsur-unsur Koarmabar, sehingga tugas-tugas operasional yang diemban Koarmabar dapat terlaksana Optimal.

Demikian dikatakan Panglima Komando Armada RI Kawasan Barat (Pangarmabar) Laksamana Muda TNI Soeparno saat bertindak selaku Inspektur Upacara pada upacara serah terima jabatan Komandan Lantamal III dari Laksamana Pertama TNI Djoko Prapto Harsono kepada Laksamana Pertama TNI Edy Yusuf di Mako Lantamal III, Jalan Gunung Sahari, Jakarta Pusat. Selasa (6/1).

Di bidang keamanan Laut, Lantamal III mempunyai tugas dan tanggung jawab menjaga dan menciptakan stabilitas keamanan perairan kawasan barat, khususnya perairan sekitar Selat Sunda sampai dengan Perairan Bangka Belitung. Disamping itu juga, mengingat lokasi Lantamal III berada di Ibu Kota, maka harus dapat memberikan tampilan yang terbaik karena dapat dijadikan cermin keberadaan Angkatan Laut secara keseluruhan, ujarnya.

Lebih lanjut ditegaskan Pangarmabar bahwa wilayah kerja yang menjadi tanggung jawab Lantamal III merupakan wilayah perairan yang sangat strategis, karena disamping mempunyai sumber daya alam yang tinggi juga merupakan jalur ALKI I atau jalur pelayaran internasional yang rawan terhadap kemungkinan terjadinya berbagai gangguan keamanan laut maupun ancaman berupa pelanggaran wilayah, sehingga diperlukan pengawasan yang lebih intensif. Walaupun dihadapkan dengan banyak kendala dan keterbatasan Lantamal III telah mampu melaksanakan tugasnya sesuai dengan tuntutan yang berkembang. (Dispenarmabar)

Mayor Laut (S) Suprihandono Pekas AAL

Rabu, 07 Jan 2009 13:10:11 -- Surabaya - Gubernur Akademi TNI AL (AAL), Laksda TNI Moch. Jurianto di Surabaya, Rabu melantik Mayor Laut (S) Suprihandono sebagai Perwira Pemegang Kas (Pekas) menggantikan Letkol Laut (S) Dadang Sudrajat.

Gubernur AAL dalam sambutannya sebagaimana dikutip Kabagpen AAL, Mayor Laut (KH) Drs Jamaludin berharap agar Pekas yang baru bisa mengembangkan keberhasilan-keberhasilan yang telah dicapai pejabat sebelumnya.

"Selain itu pada era sekarang ini tertib administrasi merupakan hal yang mutlak dan bukan hal yang tabu terutama yang menyangkut masalah penggunaan anggaran, fasilitas dinas material dan peralatan," katanya.

Menurut dia, seluruh kegiatan harus dipertanggung jawabkan sesuai dengan prosedur dan ketentuan yang berlaku sehingga pada gilirannya nanti akan berdampak pada terwujudnya transparansi dan pemerintahan yang bersih.

"Serah terima jabatan Pekas AAL ini merupakan wujud peremajaan atau kaderisasi yang diarahkan untuk memantapkan manajemen organisasi agar lebih baik dari waktu ke waktu," katanya.

Dengan pergantian pejabat ini, katanya, diharapkan kinerja dan perilaku organisasi menjadi lebih dinamis, profesional dan senantiasa memiliki kualitas yang semakin baik, serta dapat menghasilkan keluaran yang semakin baik pula.

Pada kesempatan itu ia juga mengemukakan bahwa AAL adalah wadah dan pusat pembentukan calon-calon pemimpin TNI AL masa depan. Dari AAL inilah maju mundurnya TNI AL di masa mendatang ditentukan.

"Oleh karena itu sudah sewajarnya dan tidak terlalu berlebihan apabila perioritas tertinggi dari semua pemikiran, kegiatan dan dukungan yang dilaksanakan lembaga AAL ini diperuntukan bagi Kadet dan Pasis Akademi Angkatan Laut," ujarnya. (Masuki M. Astro @antarajartim)

Kolonel Daru Prayogo Komandan Pusdiklek Kobangdikal

Rabu, 07 Jan 2009 11:50:34 -- Surabaya - Komandan Komando Pendidikan Dukungan Umum Kobangdikal, Kolonel Laut (T) Arif Ma’sum di Surabaya, Rabu melantik Kolonel Laut (E) Daru Prayogo sebagai Komandan Pusat Pendidikan Elektronika (Pusdiklek).

Daru Prayogo yang menggantikan Kolonel Laut (E) Bambang Wiratama itu sebelumnya bertugas sebagai Kepala Subdinas di Dinas Informasi dan Pengolahan Data TNI AL (Dinfolahtal), Jakarta.

Sementara Bambang Wiratama selanjutnya menjabat Kepala Dinas Komunikasi dan Elektronika (Kadiskomlek) Komando Armada RI Kawasan Barat (Koarmabar).

Komandan Komando Pendidikan Dukungan Umum Kobangdikal dalam sambutannya berharap
ada kesinambungan kepemimpinan dari pejabat lama ke pejabat baru guna memantapkan manajemen organisasi sehingga menghasilkan kinerja yang lebih baik.

"Pejabat baru diharapkan dapat membawa angin segar yang dapat membawa perubahan ke arah yang lebih baik di pusat pendidikan elektronika," katanya.

Ia juga mengemukakan bahwa pergantian jabatan itu juga bertujuan untuk merefleksikan semangat pembaruan dan kaderisasi di lingkungan yang pada akhirnya akan mendukung TNI AL yang semakin profesional dan berkualitas. (Masuki M. Astro @antarajartim)

Northrop Grumman Begins Testing 'Cold-Launch' System That Makes Kinetic Energy Interceptors Mobile, Global, Flexible

ELKTON, Md., Jan. 6, 2009 -- The Kinetic Energy Interceptors (KEI) industry team led by Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE:NOC) has begun testing the cold-launch system that will be essential for mobile, global and flexible missile defense.

A key part of this system -- the solid propellant gas generator -- was successfully tested Dec. 18 at Alliant Techsystems (NYSE:ATK) facility in Elkton, Md. ATK supplies the gas generator, and Raytheon Company (NYSE:RTN) participated as the team's lead for interceptor development.

"The gas generator provides the energy needed for steam- or gas-launched missiles that will give KEI a land-based defensive capability that could be transitioned easily to sea-based platforms," noted Anthony Spehar, vice president and KEI program manager for Northrop Grumman's Space Technology sector. "The test measured chamber pressure, temperature and propellant burn duration, all of which were within expectations."

Northrop Grumman is developing the cold-launch system for KEI based on those it has supplied for U.S. Navy submarines since the 1950s as well as those used on silo-based Peacekeeper intercontinental ballistic missiles. That work is underway at company facilities in Sunnyvale, Calif.

"Eject or cold launch technology is a proven approach used on Navy submarines for many years," Spehar noted. "Using this very safe technology, we can launch large or highly energetic missiles, such as KEI, because only a small amount of propellant is needed to eject the interceptor compared with igniting the first stage rocket motor."

Featuring the U.S. Missile Defense Agency's newest high-acceleration booster, KEI's launch system is designed to eject an interceptor about 200 feet in the air before the first stage rocket motor ignites. For KEI, about 70 pounds of propellant is ignited in the gas generator to eject the approximate 25,000-pound missile.

During the next several weeks, data will be analyzed and will be used to validate design, performance and analytical models. Two additional gas generator tests are planned at different temperatures within the upcoming months, followed by simulated breach assembly tests in 2009, which introduces a steam coolant system. Two simulated missile eject test demonstrations are planned for 2010.

KEI is designed to be a globally deployable, mobile missile defense system. The production system will feature state of the art components: a highly maneuverable kill vehicle carried by a very fast acceleration/maneuverable missile that is cold gas launched from a mobile platform and guided by a unique new sensor fusing and fire control capability. This integrated weapon system provides a persistent (24/7), all weather capability to destroy intermediate and intercontinental ballistic missiles in their boost to midcourse phases of flight. news @NorthropGrumman

Australian Soldier Killed in Afghanistan

Private Gregory Michael Sher was killed in a rocket attack in Oruzgan Province, Afghanistan, early last Sunday evening Australian time.

Private Sher was a member of the Sydney-based 1st Commando Regiment and at the time of the attack was with a Special Operations Task Group element that had deployed from Tarin Kowt to a provincial patrol base.

Private Sher was born in South Africa in 1978 and moved to Australia with his family in 1986. He joined the Army in 1998 as an Army Reserve infantryman and deployed to East Timor in 2002. In 2004 he completed the commando selection course and joined the 1st Commando Regiment, going on to complete the suite of Special Forces courses required to become a qualified commando.

Kasal Tinjau Kesiapan KRI Tanjung Nusanive-973 di Dermaga Kolinlamil

Kepala Staf Angkatan Laut (Kasal) Laksamana TNI Tedjo Edhy Purdijatno meninjau kesiapan unsur Komando Lintas Laut Militer (Kolinlamil) yakni KRI Tanjung Nusanive-973 yang sedang sandar di Dermaga Kolinlamil Tanjung Priok Jakarta. Maksud kunjungan itu guna melihat dari dekat kondisi kesiapan Kapal perang tersebut dalam rangka mendukung kegiatan pelayaran VVIP dalam waktu dekat. Selasa (6/1)

Pada kunjungan itu Kasal yang didampingi Wakasal Laksdya TNI Moekhlas Sidik, MPA dan beberapa pejabat teras Mabesal diterima oleh Panglima Kolinlamil Laksda TNI Bambang Supeno di dermaga Kolinlamil.

Pada kesempatan tersebut orang nomor satu di jajaran TNI AL itu menerima paparan dari komandan KRI Tanjung Nusanive-973 Letkol Laut (P) Alex Syahril tentang kesiapan Kapal perang itu dalam melaksanakan tugas yang akan diemban dalam waktu dekat, yang meliputi kesiapan mesin, peralatan navigasi dan komunikasi, fasilitas akomodasi, dan prasarana pendukung lainnya.

KRI Tanjung Nusanive-973 merupakan kapal jenis Bantu Angkut Personel (BAP) buatan Jerman tahun 1983. Kapal ini mempunyai panjang 144,8 m, lebar 23,4 m tinggi 13,4 dan berat 8.583 ton serta dapat mengangkut penumpang hingga 2000 orang, dan memiliki kemampuan berlayar sampai 7.000 mil dengan kecepatan maksimal 13 knots.

Usai menerima paparan kasal menyampaikan bahwa TNI AL bertugas untuk menyiapkan dan meningkatkan kesiapsiagaan KRI beserta pengawaknya agar dalam melaksanakan kegiatan operasi dapat berjalan secara maksimal. Usai menerima paparan tersebut Kasal beserta pejabat teras TNI AL melihat secara langsung fasilitas yang dimiliki KRI Tanjung Nusanive-973, seperti kemampuan maksimal berlayar, peralatan keselamatan, peralatan navigasi dan komunikasi, ruang akomodasi VVIP, serta anjungan kapal.(Dispen Kolinlamil)

Counter terrorist operations reach decisive stage at Wanni and North

1/7/2009 7:45:05 AM --Security forces continuing multi-frontal assaults at remaining LTTE fortification at Wanni and North are now gaining rapid tactical advantage leaving LTTE to near extinction, security sources said. The ground confrontations are intense and fought at a rapid phase which has left the well fortified LTTE defences crumbling and its leadership stunned, defence observers said.

According to latest battlefield reports received, Army's Northern most offensive Divisions(53 Div & 55 Div) have totally secured LTTE's 2nd line of defence at Muhamalai, North and South of A-9 today(Jan 6). The fighting resulted, leaving LTTE with scores killed and army extending its defences 500m, southeast towards Pallai. Troops have also captured some well fortified LTTE bunker overheads and trenches, Northern military sources said. 2 LTTE bodies and 2 T-56 assault riffles were also found during subsequent search operations conducted, North of Muhamalai this evening, the sources added.

The two frontal southward military thrust is expected to deny terrorists with mobility, confining LTTE to a narrow stretch in the peninsula. LTTE artillery batteries and mortar launching pads will be constantly targeted in the military attacks, while it is expected that terrorists will be further driven eastwards, the sources said. Meanwhile, TF-1 forward domination elements continued to take on identified LTTE resistance positions at Elephant Pass, the 'gateway garrison' of LTTE in the Jaffna peninsula. Separately, another fighting formation of TF-1 is further pushing in a eastwardly direction along the Paranthan-Mullaittivu, A-35 main road, security sources said.

Bodies of slain terrorists found during the battles of Kurinchattiv, on 5th Jan, 2009.

Meanwhile, an LTTE terrorist was reported killed in an Army sniper attack in general area Kilaly, on Monday ( Jan 5), according to military reports received. At the Wanni battlefront, 57 Division troops operating east of A-9 have advanced and confronted with LTTE terrorists in the fringes of the Iranamadu tank area, security sources said. Troops also confirm heavy damages to LTTE during confrontations ensued with LTTE, Southwest of Vaddakkachchi. An LTTE terrorist was also reported sniped in general area North of Iranamadu, security sources said.

Meanwhile, TF-1 troops have also confronted with LTTE in general areas West of Vaddakkachchi, Murusumoddai, Uriyan and Navakokoddyan, security sources said.(news @MoDSL)

New attack on Gaza leaves one dead, 3 wounded

Wed, 07 Jan 2009 03:30:22 GMT -- Israel has killed one Palestinian and wounded three others as fierce clashes continue in the Gaza Strip.

Israeli strikes on three UN-run schools on Tuesday killed at least 48 people and pushed the Palestinian death toll above 660, including 215 children and 98 women.

Witnesses reported heavy exchanges of fire between Israeli troops and Palestinians in the north of the Gaza Strip in the early hours of Wednesday.

According to AFP, clashes were continuing in Zeitun and there were reports of air strikes on the southern cities of Khan Yunis and Rafah.

Heavy fighting had raged in Gaza City and around nearby Deir al-Balah and Bureij on Tuesday. One air raid on Gaza City killed 12 people, including seven children from the same family.

Tanks with helicopter gunship support rolled into Khan Yunis before dawn, to be met with return fire from Hamas and its allies, witnesses said.

Hamas has announced that 21 Israeli soldiers have been killed and dozens more wounded during the 12-day conflict. (DB/HGL @PRESS TV)

Change in Command for Tiger Battalion

The New Year was roared-in with a change in command for the 5th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment – the Tiger Battalion.

Lieutenant Colonel Darren Huxley took command of 5RAR and East Timor Battle Group 5 during a small ceremony in Dili, East Timor where the Battalion is serving as part of Operation Astute.

The handover of Battalion command consisted of the entrustment of the commanding officer’s sword, a dinner to commemorate the formalities of the change in command and an extensive tour of the area of operations.

Lieutenant Colonel Huxley came to the battalion’s command after occupying the position of Deputy Director Regional and Domestic Commitments in Canberra for the past three years.

He replaces Lieutenant Colonel Jake Ellwood, who has been 5RAR’s Commanding Officer since December 2006. Lieutenant Colonel Ellwood commanded the Battalion as East Timor Battle Group 5 and in Iraq as Overwatch Battle Group West 3 in 2007/08.

About 600 Australian and New Zealand soldiers make up East Timor Battle Group 5. The soldiers come from Darwin-based 1 Brigade, Adelaide-based 16 AD Regiment and New Zealand (Linton)-based 16 Field Regiment.

Dua Belas Radar AS Pantau Selat Malaka

Rabu, 07 Januari 2009 -- JAKARTA - Keamanan Selat Malaka semakin terjaga. Jalur utama kapal-kapal dagang dari Tiongkok itu kini diawasi radar baru dari Amerika Serikat. Sebanyak 12 radar pengawas pantai (coastal radar) yang dibangun di sepanjang Selat Malaka mulai dioperasikan.

Kepala Staf TNI-AL (KSAL) Laksamana Tedjo Edhy Purdijatno mengatakan, pembangunan radar sudah selesai Desember 2008. Radar itu juga telah beroperasi di lokasi masing-masing. "Tinggal menunggu proses integrasi, secepatnya," kata Tedjo di Jakarta kemarin (06/1).

KSAL menjelaskan, proses integrasi masih berjalan karena masing-masing radar memiliki karakteristik dan kemampuan masing-masing. "Jika sudah terintegrasi, radar akan terpusat di Batam," katanya.

Tedjo menjamin, pengawasan di selat terpadat di dunia itu akan semakin mudah. "Kejahatan yang terjadi dapat semakin ditekan," katanya. Dari 12 radar itu, delapan radar sumbangan Amerika Serikat. Empat radar sisanya dibeli menggunakan dana APBN senilai Rp 40 miliar.

Empat radar yang dibeli dengan uang rakyat itu dipasang pesisir Bengkalis, Sinoboy, Sabang, dan Batam. Seluruhnya buatan Jepang dengan daya jangkau 40-50 mil laut. Sedangkan radar hibah dari AS yang dipasang mulai Belawan, Tanjung Balai, hingga Batam itu bernilai total USD 18,4 juta (sekitar Rp 190 miliar). Radar hibah ini bermerek Sperry Marine dengan jangkauan 40 mil laut.

Tedjo menjelaskan, saat ini awak yang mengoperasikan adalah prajurit TNI-AL. Namun, dia berharap radar itu kelak dapat digunakan sejumlah instansi yang terkait termasuk Bakorkamla, Polisi Air, Departemen Kelautan dan Perikanan serta Bea Cukai.

KSAL dari lingkungan penerbang helikopter itu menjelaskan, dana pengoperasian radar bisa dibagi-bagi per instansi. "Sementara ini memang masih dipegang TNI-AL, tapi bisa dibicarakan lagi," kata Tedjo.

TNI-AL tak hanya memperkuat pengamanan di Selat Malaka. Korps baju putih itu berencana membangun radar di Laut Sulawesi. Amerika juga sudah bersedia membantu pembangunan radar di kawasan timur itu. "Harapannya pengamanan blok Ambalat makin optimal," kata Tedjo.

Selain itu, Mabes TNI-AL sedang mengkaji kemungkinan membeli kapal selam baru. Saat ini ada dua kapal selam yang dimiliki Indonesia, KRI Nanggala dan KRI Cakra. Keduanya diperbaiki teknologinya di Korea Selatan.

Nanti ada beberapa negara yang bakal menjadi pilihan seperti Jerman (U-209), Korea Selatan (Changbogo), Rusia (Kelas Kilo), dan Perancis (Scorpene).

KSAL menjelaskan, semua pengadaan alat utama sistem persenjataan, termasuk kapal selam masih digodok di Dephan, termasuk apakah pengadaannya dipercepat atau ditunda hingga masuk rencana strategis (renstra) 2010-2014.

Kapal Selam Scorpene Kelas OHiggins (Foto @DID)

Tim kajian Mabes TNI-AL juga telah menyusun spesifikasi teknik sejumlah peralatan persenjataan yang akan diajukan dengan sisa anggaran KE 2005-2009, yakni tank amfibi BMP-3F, kapal perusak kawal rudal (PKR) dan satu unit kapal selam. "Untuk tank BMP-3F sudah selesai prosesnya, dan ditetapkan negara produsennya dari Rusia sebanyak 17 unit sedangkan untuk PKR dan kapal selam, masih dalam proses," katanya. (rdl/agm @jawapos)

The Operation Continues: Paratrooper Brigade Officer Killed

Infantry Corps forces operating in the Gaza Strip. (Photo: Matan Hakimi, IDF Spokesperson)

The Operation Continues: Paratrooper Brigade Officer Killed

06 January 2009
, 11:20 --
The name of the Paratrooper Brigade officer, who was killed Monday night (Jan. 5) during fighting in the northern Gaza Strip, was released for publication: Captain Yehonatan Netanel, 27, from the Keddumim community. He died after sustaining injuries from IDF artillery shell that was misfired.
Captain Yehonatan Netanel (z''l), who was killed Monday night fighting in the Gaza Strip.

In a different incident, late Monday evening, three Golani Brigade combat soldiers were killed while fighting in northern Gaza when an IDF artillery shell fired erroneously and hit the structure where the soldiers were located. Another soldier was critically wounded, three others were severely wounded and 20 other soldiers were lightly to moderately injured in the incident. The injured soldiers received initial medical treatment in the field before being evacuated by helicopter and vehicles to hospitals in Israel. Heavy IDF artillery fire provided cover for the evacuation. The bereaved families have been notified.

The Golani Brigade Commander, Colonel Avi Peled, who sustained light injuries in the incident, oversaw the evacuation in the field and directed the artillery and aerial cover via communication systems. Only after all the injured soldiers were evacuated did the brigade commander seek medical attention for himself.

In a joint IDF and ISA operation, Monday night in Jabaliya the house of a senior Hamas operative was struck. Iman Siam, the head of the Hamas rocket launching program was present in the house. Siam is one of the senior Hamas terror operative in the Gaza Strip. Siam established Hamas's rocket launching program, and he is also head of Hamas' artillery program throughout the Gaza Strip. (news @IDF)


Three IDF Soldiers Killed in Operation in the Gaza Strip

Major Dagan Vartman

06 January 2009,10:27 -- During fierce fighting on Monday night (Jan. 5) by Golani Brigade combat soldiers against Hamas operatives in the northern Gaza Strip, two soldiers and an officer were killed. This was the result of an IDF artillery shell firing erroneously and hitting the structure where the soldiers were located. Major Dagan Vartman, 32, from Maale Mahash, will be laid to rest Tuesday (Jan. 6) at 15:30 at the Mount Hertzel military cemetery. Staff Sergeant Nitai Shatran, 21, from Jerusalem, will be laid to rest Tuesday at 13:30, also on Mount Hertzel. And Corporal Yoseph Moadi, 19, from Haifa, will be laid to rest Tuesday at 15:00 at the Yarka cemetery.

Staff Sergeant Nitai Shatran

During the same incident 24 soldiers were wounded. One soldier was critically wounded, three others were severely wounded and the 20 other soldiers were lightly to moderately injured in the incident. The injured soldiers received initial medical treatment in the field before being evacuated by helicopters and vehicles to hospitals in Israel. Heavy IDF artillery fire provided cover for the evacuation.

Corporal Yoseph Moadi

In the hours following the incident, other explanations were taken into consideration as the cause of this incident (including that the explosion was caused by the structure being rigged with Hamas’s explosives, or by an enemy anti-tank missiles) which were later ruled out. The Golani Brigade Commander, Colonel Avi Peled, who sustained light injuries in the incident, oversaw the evacuation in the field and directed the artillery and aerial cover via communication systems. Only after all the injured soldiers were evacuated did the brigade commander seek medical attention for himself. (news @IDF)

US embassy to hold joint exercise with Kuwait security forces

KUWAIT, Jan 6 -- The US Embassy will conduct a Joint Combined Security Exercise (JSCE) in conjunction with Kuwait security forces on January 10, the embassy said in a press release on Tuesday.

It added that the JSCE will also include the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit, the US Army Central Command (ARCENT), US Marine Corps Fleet Anti-Terrorism Security Team (FAST), and the US Department of State Diplomatic Security Service.

"JSCE will be an expansion on an already scheduled annual bilateral exercise. It will also serve as an opportunity for Kuwaiti and US security personnel to build on an already close working relationship," the statement said.

The exercise will take place on the US Embassy compound, and will feature simulated events, which will occur in virtually real time.

The embassy cautioned individuals residing near the compound that they might hear loud noises, gunshots, and explosions on the day of the event, urging them to remain calm and to remember that the noises were originating from the exercise. (ema @ KUNA)

HMS Dauntless completes first sea trials

HMS Dauntless underway for the first time, sailing west down the River Clyde to start her first set of sea trials (14 Nov 08) (Photo @ Royal Navy)

21:25 GMT, January 6, 2009 -- HMS Dauntless, the second of the Royal Navy's new powerful Type 45 destroyers, returned to her home on the Clyde just before Christmas 2008, after successfully completing her first set of sea trials.

During the four-week period of the trials, the 7,350 tonne vessel was put through her paces during blustery and wintry conditions, which provided a rigorous environment for testing her power and propulsion and Combat System.

The sea trials, conducted by prime contractor BVT, together with the MOD, Royal Navy and other industry partners have allowed her to demonstrate her speed and manoeuvrability, and she performed so well that the crew was also able to complete additional Combat System trials.

Commenting on the ship's return, the MOD's Type 45 Programme Director, David Twitchin, said:

"The successful completion of HMS Dauntless' first set of sea trials ends 2008 with a particularly hectic period of activity for the Type 45 programme on the Clyde. In the last four months the first Type 45, HMS Daring, has completed her final set of Industry-led sea trials and has been Accepted off Contract.

"The fourth Type 45, HMS Dragon, has been launched and now HMS Dauntless has completed a very successful set of initial sea trials. This year has witnessed the Joint Industry/MOD team delivering unprecedented success on a major warship programme.

"This is down to the hard work, dedication and innovation of the joint MOD, RN and Industry team closely working together at all levels to overcome problems and achieve a common goal."

BVT's Type 45 Programme Director, Angus Holt, added: "The Type 45 programme has already achieved one major milestone this week, but to achieve another in less than 48 hours is unprecedented.

"This is a great achievement and I am delighted that HMS Dauntless' trials have been such a great success.

"The team work between BVT, MOD, Royal Navy and sub-contractors has ensured that despite the many challenges set, she has returned to Scotstoun on schedule, with all trials achieved."

HMS Dauntless is in very good shape and ready to commence preparations for her second set of sea trials, due in July 2009, which will focus on Combat System testing and Acceptance activity.

Dauntless was launched in January 2007 at the Govan shipyard.

Dragon, the fourth Type 45 was launched on the Clyde on 17 November 2008 and Daring, the first ship in the Type 45 programme, was officially Accepted Off Contract by MOD from BVT on 10 December 2008 and has commenced 12 months of MOD-controlled (Stage 2) trials and integration activity.@ Defro

Indonesia Akan Modernisasi Militernya Lebih Selektif

MENTERI Pertahanan (Menhan) Juwono Sudarsono mengatakan, Indonesia tetap perlu melakukan modernisasi militernya. Namun dilakukan secara bertahap dan selektif karena terbatasnya anggaran pertahanan.

"Modernisasi harus dilakukan, karena itu berpengaruh terhadap daya tangkal yang dimiliki Indonesia, dan dapat memompa semangat juang prajurit," katanya, dalam obrolan singkat dengan seputar kebijakan pertahanan 2009, di Jakarta, Selasa (6/1).

Ia mengatakan, penurunan anggaran pertahanan pada Tahun Anggaran (TA) 2009 dibandingkan TA 2008 bagaimana pun sangat berpengaruh terhadap kesiapan operasional militer Indonesia.

"Alokasi anggaran pertahanan sebesar Rp33,6 triliun, membuat rencana modernisasi persenjataan, pemeliharaan persenjataan, peningkatan kesejahteraan prajurit dan lain-lain harus dilakukan secermat mungkin," tuturnya.

Juwono menambahkan, kedatangan tiga pesawat jet tempur Sukhoi pada 2009, empat kapal perang jenis Korvet Sigma Class dan enam helikopter angkut serbu setidaknya telah dapat meningkatkan daya tangkal trimatra terpadu guna menjamin paritas atau kesetaraan teknologi persenjataan dengan negara lain.

"Meski jumlah persenjataan yang kita miliki tidak banyak, namun jika teknologinya setara dengan persenjataan negara lain, maka tidak jadi masalah. Jadi, paritas teknologi persenjataan ini yang akan kita fokuskan dan tingkatkan. Karena kita memang belum bisa untuk melakukan modernisasi militer secara besar-besaran," tutur mantan wakil gubernur Lembaga Ketahanan Nasional (Lemhannas) itu.

Departemen Pertahanan dan Mabes TNI, katanya, tidak berkecil hati atas penurunan anggaran pertahanan dari Rp36,39 triliun pada APBN 2008 menjadi Rp35 triliun dalam RAPBN 2009 mengingat dua institusi itu telah terbiasa dihadapkan pada situasi dan kondisi minimum.

Oleh karena itu Departemen Pertahanan dan Mabes TNI tidak akan melakukan revisi kecuali melanjutkan hingga masanya selesai secara efektif dan efisien.

Sebelumnya pengamat politik dari IODAS Andi Widjajanto mengatakan meski hingga 2009 Departemen Pertahanan dan Mabes TNI tidak akan merevisi Rencana Strategi 2005-2009 tetapi pada Rencana Strategi jangka panjang 2004-2024 harus dilakukan perubahan.

"Renstra 2004-2024 tidak dapat lagi dijadikan pedoman pembangunan kekuatan pertahanan. Kekuatan pertahanan nyata 2010 harus dijadikan patokan baru untuk merumuskan Renstra 2010-2030, yang harus sudah dirumuskan di tahun 2008-2009," katanya. @ Jurnas

Southern Partnership Station Arrives in Jamaica

High-speed vessel Swift (HSV 2) arrives in Port Antonio with Southern Partnership Station to begin training with the Jamaican Defense Force in a variety of topics. Southern Partnership Station is a training mission working with Central American, South American and Caribbean nations. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Daniel Ball/Released)

PORT ANTONIO, Jamaica (NNS) -- High speed vessel Swift (HSV 2) arrived in Port Antonio Jan. 4 for the first of two instruction evolutions in Jamaica during Southern Partnership Station (SPS).

Southern Partnership Station is an annual deployment of various specialty platforms to the U.S. Southern Command area of focus in the Caribbean and Latin America. The mission goal is primarily information sharing with navies, coast guards, and civilian services throughout the region.

Training teams from Navy Expeditionary Training Command, Naval Criminal Investigative Service and the Marine Corps Training and Advisory Group began their courses Jan. 5 with Jamaica Defense Force (JDF) members. The courses provide instruction in a variety of fields such as land navigation, port security, waterborne security operations, small boat repair and maritime interdiction operations.

The arrival of the SPS team was noted with a formal ceremony on Swift with opening remarks by Cdr. Chris Barnes, SPS mission commander and Lt. Tomar Lewis, JDF training officer.

"It's certainly a pleasure and a great opportunity to have this training at this time," said Lt. Lewis. "I'd like to implore the officers and men of the JDF to open your minds to the training and absorb all of the knowledge that is going to be passed on to you. Remember that whatever is learned here this week you'll pass on to those in your units."

Training began immediately after the ceremony with students dispersing to classrooms set up aboard Swift.

Jamaica is the third stop for SPS. Training in the first two countries, El Salvador and Panama, was very successful with knowledge flowing both ways. "The training team members learned as they taught," said Cmdr. Sam Sorgen, SPS deputy mission commander. "The partner nation students have passed on unique training knowledge based on the strategic region they operate in. The JDF is already explaining many of the issues they're having with drug traffic around their country, so we are training to that level while they bring real world knowledge to us."

After Jamaica, SPS is scheduled to visit Barbados, Colombia, Panama, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic.

The mission is coordinated through U.S. Naval Forces Southern Command/U.S. Fourth Fleet (NAVSO/4th Fleet) with partner nations to meet their specific training requests. As the Naval Component Command of SOUTHCOM, NAVSO's mission is to direct U.S. Naval Forces operating in the Caribbean, Central and South American regions and interact with partner nation navies within the maritime environment. Various operations include counter-illicit trafficking, theater security cooperation, humanitarian assistance and disaster relief, military-to-military interaction and bilateral and multinational training.

Fourth Fleet is the numbered fleet assigned to NAVSO, exercising operational control of assigned forces in the SOUTHCOM area of focus.

Russian frigate comes to rescue of fishing boat in Gulf of Aden

Neustrashimy (712) (Photo

MOSCOW, January 6 -- The Russian Baltic Fleet's frigate Neustrashimy (Fearless) came on Tuesday to the rescue of a drifting fishing boat in the Gulf of Aden flying the Yemeni flag, a Russian Navy spokesman said Tuesday.

Captain 1st Rank Igor Dygalo said the Neustrashimy had received information that the boat was in distress.

The boat's crew of 11 people contained nine Somalis and two Yemenis, including a pregnant woman.

"Competent medical assistance was rendered to those in need of it; foodstuffs and water they strongly needed were provided," Dygalo said.

He said the Neustrashimy is tugging the fishing boat to the port of Al-Mukalla in Yemen.

Dygalo said in December that the Neustrashimy had protected over 50 commercial ships from pirates off the Somali coast in 2008.

The missile frigate has been operating off the Horn of Africa according to international maritime law and agreements since the end of October.

Pirates have been increasingly active in the waters off Somalia, where over 120 ships have been attacked so far this year, with around 40 vessels seized. The navies of at least 10 countries are involved in anti-piracy operations off the coast of the East African nation. @ RIA Novosti

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